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Stellar Numbers Post-Omicron Indicate Strong Job Market Fundamentals

In the period after a peak Omicron surge and before war broke out in Eastern Europe, the US labor market recovery accelerated, as hiring…

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Improve Job Ad Performance: Why You Need to Look at Your Drop-Off Rates

At Appcast, we’re always talking about apply rate this, apply rate that. Improve…
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Use Benchmark Data to Make Better Recruitment Marketing Decisions

The Appcast 2021 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report is hot off the presses. As…
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2021 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks: Results Revealed

Appcast CEO Chris Forman takes a deep dive into the data highlighted in our 2021 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.

2021 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Our annual benchmark report is now available! Download it to understand your organization’s…
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The Hard Truth About Recruitment Metrics

Today, thanks to programmatic and other technology, recruitment metrics are readily available. However,…
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Funnel fluency: The language of high-performance recruitment

At Appcast we always talk about being data-driven in your recruitment decisions. And…
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Gender-Coded Words and Candidate Attraction

If you’ve read the Appcast whitepaper Diversity Recruiting: A Guide to Best Practice…

Recruitment Metrics 101

Appcast’s newest whitepaper provides actionable insight into how you can use metrics to…

Three Recruitment Metrics that Matter

Are you overwhelmed with recruiting data and not sure what metrics matter the…