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2023 U.K. Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Our 1st U.K. edition of our Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report provides the data you need to understand where, when, and how to reach the…

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Why Are Recruiting Costs Easing?

The tight labor market and competitive nature of recruiting since 2020 sent key…

2023 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Appcast’s 7th annual Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report provides the data you need to…
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Recruiting in 2023: How to Prepare For a Not So Typical Recession

The UK is slipping into recession, which will be uncharted waters for many…

Top Recruiting Trends for 2023

In this trends report, you’ll find details related to the labor market, job…
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The Fed Must Be Thrilled With This Jobs Report

Wage growth was below forecasts, easing fears of a wage-price spiral. The U.S….
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A Perfect 10 Jobs Report

The July jobs report obliterated expectations: 528,000 net new jobs, when forecasters had expected…
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Midyear Recruiting Update: Reasons to be Hopeful About Our Economy

Picture a soccer ball, immensely filled with air. Then, imagine the ball beginning…

2022 Latest Update: Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

This report serves as an update to our annual Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report….
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Jobs Recovery Is In The Home Stretch

The U.S. economy added a solid 390,000 net new jobs in May 2022….