ATS & CRM Partner Program

Partner with Appcast to connect your customers’ jobs to the largest job site ecosystem in the world.
Partner Program Overview

Attract new customers and deliver better ROI for your current customers​

Unlock a new, programmatic candidate source for your customers via an easy-to-implement partnership with Appcast.
#1 Job Ad Exchange
Connect your ATS to the largest network of job, social & consumer sites in the world.
Down-funnel Performance
Reveal employer disposition data to unlock the full potential of programmatic and drive down hire costs in a measurable way.
Easy, Quick, Effective
Give employers the ability to post jobs programmatically to the #1 job ad exchange directly within their ATS workflow
Our Valued Partners

Our ATS partners know it’s a win-win to integrate with Appcast.

Good for their suite of offerings. Good for their customers.
Partner Platforms
Partner Platforms participate in various co-marketing opportunities and can leverage deeper down-funnel quality data integrations to drive better performance for their customers.
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Connected Platforms
Connected platforms can easily turn on programmatic advertising with a few simple steps by working with Appcast. There are no integrations or development work required.

and many more…

We’d love to work together and connect our systems!

Contact us today to partner with Appcast. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.