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Data-driven, source-neutral job ad distribution

Need qualified candidates for all your open jobs? With Appcast Xcelerate, the entire web is your oyster.

What is it?

Xcelerate is programmatic recruiting software that ensures your job ads attract qualified candidates for all your open jobs. Xcelerate uses data and algorithms to determine where – among the 10,000+ job sites in our network – your job ads will reach the best candidates. Xcelerate’s programmatic rules ensure that budget is only spent on jobs that need more candidates and prevents overspending on jobs that don’t. 

And the best part: no software fees. You only pay when candidates apply. 

Appcast’s pay-per-applicant model fits in perfectly with the data-driven approach to recruitment we have sought to develop, while enabling us to optimize our job ad spend. It enables us to connect with top talent more efficiently and cost-effectively.

– Anthony Scarpino, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition, Sodexo

How Xcelerate Works

One big easy button for employers

Xcelerate makes advertising your open jobs easier and more effective. Check out how it works.
effortless integration
We automagically import your jobs from your website.

All open jobs flow from your ATS into Appcast Xcelerate.

Your long term success
You tell us your hiring goals.

All we need to know is roughly how many applications you need for a particular type of job to get a hire. Tell your Appcast account manager or simply type it into the tool. 

Massive Distribution
Hit Go!

Our vast trove of market data informs our algorithmic bidding engine, and our software starts to smartly advertise your jobs that need applications on general, niche, and diversity job sites… as well as search, social, and consumer sites across the web.

Extensive Audience Coverage
Your job ads reach candidates where they live, work, and hang out online.

Xcelerate performs massive distribution to the best sources for each of your open jobs.

The right candidates at the right time
You reach candidates across thousands of sites.

Your jobs have more than 10,000 places within our job ad exchange that they could go to attract the applicants you need to get a hire.

Budget Control
Never waste a penny.

Our programmatic technology ensures you receive the right amount of applications (not too many, not too few) to get a hire. You only pay when someone applies. Nothing wasted.

Always improving
We get better with time.
Our software learns what works and what doesn’t for your specific hiring needs. So, Appcast gets smarter and better over time.
It’s easy peasy!
Appcast Visuals
effortless integration
It starts with your open jobs
All open jobs flow from your ATS into Appcast Xcelerate.
Intuitive Auditing
Set your hiring goals across all jobs, locations and markets

Xcelerate determines which jobs need applications.

Xcelerate how it works visual
Xcelerate - Driver Visual
Huge Audience Coverage
Your job ads reach candidates where they live, work, and hang out online
Xcelerate performs massive distribution to the best sources for each of your open jobs.
Digging deeper
Your job ads achieve massive reach...

Our network includes 10k+ job, consumer, social & diversity sites.

Xcelerate - Operations Manager Visual
Job Ad Distribution
Quality control
Xcelerate learns the best sources for your jobs

This means your job ads target more qualified candidates for each open role.

Budgets Balanced
You never overspend on candidates you don’t need
Our programmatic technology ensures you receive the right amount of applications from qualified candidates (not too many, not too few). You only pay when someone applies.
Xcelerate goal reached visual
Xcelerate improvement visual
Always improving
Access real-time analytics
Xcelerate’s real-time dashboard provides enhanced data analytics to optimize performance over time.
It’s easy peasy!
What is programmatic recruitment?

Job advertising made simple

It sounds like a complicated buzzword, but programmatic recruiting is simply a smarter and more efficient way to find applicants for all your open jobs across the web.
What is a job ad exchange?
It’s like a mutual fund vs. an individual stock
With a job ad exchange, job postings are distributed to ALL of the places where your prospective candidates hang out online, rather than a singular job board. Our transparent & source-agnostic exchange is automated so you can free up your time to focus on other important things.
“Appcast’s pay-for-performance job advertising model is amazing and the way of the future. It’s better, faster, and more affordable.”
Nathan Barnes Logo
Nathan Barnes
Chief Administrative Officer, Integrity Home Care & Hospice
Down-funnel metrics now available!​
Want to optimize your job advertising efforts to match your hiring goals?

By connecting to your ATS or CRM, Xcelerate learns to identify the sources of your best candidates, sends more job ads there, and tracks down-funnel metrics to allow continuous improvement and optimization. Result? Find better candidates faster.

Appcast Candidate Visuals
Diversity Reach Visual
Reach diverse audiences with Xcelerate
Need more candidates from underrepresented groups?
For many companies today, the importance of a diverse pool of applicants can’t be overemphasized. That’s why we’ve built relationships with numerous job sites that focus on reaching candidates from underrepresented communities and have invested in technology and data sources to support tracking against diversity goals.
With ResumeX, we’ve got you covered​
What if I need even more candidates?
Appcast’s programmatic technology powers ResumeX, a new resume sourcing tool for when you need more candidates than those received through job advertising and available as an optional upgrade to Xcelerate.

“Appcast’s solution streamlines our job advertising spend across multiple sources to attract talent, but allows us to only engage with the best candidates for our open positions. Appcast is a true partner that provides top-notch service and lets us focus on growing our business one team member at a time.”

Angie Nath
Angie Nath
Director of Human Resources, Five Star Call Centers
Massive distribution

Gain access to a network of 10k sites, and get your job ads distributed to all of the places where your future candidates hang out online.

Never overspend

Don’t waste money paying for applications from candidates you no longer need; our programmatic tech makes sure that never happens.

More qualified candidates

Find better candidates faster as Xcelerate tracks down-funnel metrics to optimize performance and allow continuous improvement.

Eliminate source bias

Xcelerate’s algorithms identify the sources delivering the best candidates for your jobs, based on real-time performance data.

Pivot on a dime

If your hiring needs change, never fear. You can pause or pivot your spend at any time. No long-term contracts, total control.

We’re proud to partner with some of the world’s leading companies
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