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7 Jun
Generative AI & Recruitment: How AI Will Transform Hiring
2:00 pm
| 2:00 pm
Join Appcast CEO, Chris Forman, for a fun, fast, and practical look at how generative AI will be changing recruitment over the coming months and years.

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Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold: Searching for the Goldilocks Economy

Appcast Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, uncovers what leading economic indicators recruiters need to know, and what they say about whether this moment of talent scarcity will come to an end.
Webinar or Virtual Event

How Pay Transparency Will Impact Recruiting in 2023

Labor Economist Andrew Flowers presented new data that will help you better understand how pay transparency laws could change your recruiting strategy in the new year.
Webinar or Virtual Event

2023 Recruiting Trends & Predictions: How to Prepare for the Year Ahead

Appcast’s Founder and CEO, Chris Forman, presents data and insights to help you prepare for the unprecedented hot/cold TA environment we expect in 2023.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Recruiting in a Time of Soaring Inflation: Tips to Survive the Current Market

Watch this webinar recording that covers a breakdown of the latest data will help recruiters prepare for the ongoing challenges in the UK economy.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Seasonal Hiring Trends: What to Expect During Economic Shifts

Andrew Flowers, Appcast’s Labor Economist, explains the intricacies of this year’s seasonal hiring cycle in this webinar recording.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Ready, Set, Results: How to Prepare for Seasonal Hiring in 2022

Watch the webinar recording as we discuss best practices to help you attract and hire the candidates you need this holiday season.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Programmatic Job Advertising Made Simple

Watch the recording of our webinar where Robin Stander, VP of Sales at Appcast, will teach us what programmatic job advertising is.
Webinar or Virtual Event

2022 Midyear Recruiting Trends & Predictions

Andrew Flowers interprets the latest hiring and unemployment data and shares his expert predictions about how recruiting will progress.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Recruiting During A Cost of Living Crisis

This webinar recording covers the most recent data on the state of the UK job market and best practices for crafting a job ad strategy.