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Webinar or Virtual Event

2022 Midyear Recruiting Trends & Predictions

Andrew Flowers interprets the latest hiring and unemployment data and shares his expert predictions about how recruiting will progress.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Recruiting During A Cost of Living Crisis

This webinar recording covers the most recent data on the state of the UK job market and best practices for crafting a job ad strategy.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Tackling Candidate Drop-Off: How to Use Data to Deliver Change

This webinar recording reviews the latest benchmark data and tactical changes you can make to help increase your speed to hire and apply rates.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Recruitonomics: Data-Driven Insights For Our Evolving World of Work

Appcast’s Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, unveils Recruitonomics and analyzes several “big picture” economic topics.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Talent Acquisition Technology Trends: Moving Beyond the ATS

Watch this webinar recording as Madeline Laurano, President of Aptitude Research, looks closely at the trends in talent acquisition technology today.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Sneak Peek: 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Results

Appcast labor economist Andrew Flowers takes a deep dive into the data to be highlighted in our 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Labor Market Update: How the Rise of Quitting is Impacting Recruiting

Appcast’s Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, presents what to expect as we head into a hectic holiday hiring season and how to prepare for more labor market.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Driving Organizational Agility with Talent Acquisition Technology

Watch Ventana Research VP and Appcast’s Chief Product Officer break down building agility in talent acquisition.
Webinar or Virtual Event

Recruiting News Alert: When Will the Labor Market Normalize?

Enjoy this webinar recording where Appcast’s Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, presents the most recent data on the state of the job market.