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Learn about Appcast’s enterprise solutions that are designed to meet all your talent acquisition needs.

We’re committed to solving recruitment marketing challenges for leading organizations around the globe. By combining Appcast’s award-winning programmatic tech with Bayard’s 100+ years of recruitment marketing services, we’ve doubled down on our promise. Partner with Appcast – your one-stop shop for all your recruitment needs. 


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AppcastOne – Pillar One


Our programmatic technology uses source-neutral job ad distribution to advertise your jobs across our industry-leading, proprietary network of thousands of sites. Best-in-class impression-to-hire tracking helps you efficiently reach more qualified candidates.

Appcast's programmatic offering increases candidate reach by 45%

Get your open jobs everywhere, intelligently

Appcast Programmatic optimizes the advertising of your jobs across Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and our industry-leading, proprietary network of thousands of sites. Utilize our ‘impression-to-hire’ tracking and proprietary bidding algorithms.


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Optimizing your job advertising program involves using technology, strategy, artificial intelligence, and data to adjust the levers of efficiency so that you get qualified candidates for all of your open jobs while never wasting a penny on applicants you don’t need. 

Here are the component parts of any effective programmatic job ad optimization program: 

You need software that automates ad buying tasks, many of which could not be done manually due to the speed required to reach the most qualified candidates in a real-time bidding environment like a job advertising exchange.

Rules are the instructions you give the software about how you want your budget spent and the outcomes you desire.

Performance tracking keeps count of what is happening with your jobs in terms of clicks, candidate applications, and hires.

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Here to Stay:
The Benefits of Programmatic

Programmatic job advertising changed the world of recruiting, giving TA leaders more control over their recruitment budgets and goals.

customer spotlight

Appcast Helps Giant Eagle Recruit 9x More Qualified Candidates to Fill Warehouse Positions

Learn how supermarket chain Giant Eagle leveraged Appcast’s enhanced ATS connection to drive a 6x increase in hires during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Other Pillars of AppcastOne

Search & Display

Top of funnel’ search & display advertising attracts active and passive candidates in your hardest to fill markets and roles. We’re proud to be a Google Premier Partner – top 3% of all providers. 


Our Social offering allows you to influence job seekers’ understanding of your brand and opportunities across all the social platforms where they spend the majority of their time online.

Traditional Recruitment Media Optimization

Get the most ‘bang for your buck’ across traditional job board offerings, out-of-home media, and more. Our experience and scale ensure our clients get the best outcomes at the best price. 

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