September 6, 2023

Here to Stay: The Benefits of Programmatic 

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Liz Anderson
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September 6, 2023

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In the past ten years, programmatic has fully transformed the world of job advertising. Recruiting leaders were brave to wander into this new frontier of recruitment marketing at first, but as time has passed, it’s become obvious that programmatic technology was the new “it girl” of job advertising. Company after company have enabled their recruitment strategies to be transformed by the technology… and have loved it: Over 90% of recruiting teams that try programmatic never go back to a more traditional strategy. What makes programmatic job advertising so irrefutable? 

Recruitment Without Programmatic 

After years of showing high-volume hiring organizations the “programmatic light,” including demystifying the technology for skeptic recruiters, it’s hard to consider a time before programmatic technology. Recruiting leaders managed multiple individual job boards, set recruitment advertising bids with no clear benchmarks, and manually posted jobs, while they hoped and prayed the right candidate would stumble upon it. Frightening, right?  

Uncovering a new world with programmatic job advertising 

Into that frightening world stepped programmatic recruitment and it changed the game for recruiting leaders forever. These leaders were introduced to the software and data that could get their jobs in front of the right people, at the right time, while eliminating those time-consuming manual processes. Gone were manually decided budgets and uncertain KPIs: Modern job advertising had arrived. 

What did that actually mean? More freedom, control, and visibility for recruiting leaders.  

Just like a decade ago, programmatic job advertising continues to help recruiting leaders. Programmatic technology is able to dictate in real-time which jobs go to which sites at which price. Plus, the algorithm knows how to control candidate flow, adapting when increases are needed or stopping the flow the second the target of candidates has been acquired. A whole team of recruiters would spend their entire days managing those job board relationships and tracking the data. With a programmatic auto pilot, the recruiting team can focus instead on growing and maintaining candidate relationships.  

Very importantly, programmatic technology gives recruiters more control of their budget. How? Programmatic job advertising strips back the guesswork of spending, with the algorithm optimizing and automating spend against the consistent performance data coming in. Programmatic tech allows you to smartly allocate your budget across your many jobs so that, for instance, your easier-to-fill requisitions aren’t eating up all the budget six days into the month and leaving no budget for the harder to fill or higher volume roles.  

With programmatic job advertising, recruiting leaders no longer have to track the performance of multiple job boards because the software does it for you! Programmatic software ensures the desired number of candidates on time and on budget. Most importantly, this technology tracks spending, keeping recruiters up to date on key recruiting costs and data like cost-per-application, cost-per-click, and apply rate, to understand if they need to revise their strategy to navigate a challenging labor market, or perhaps adjust job ad content to better reflect their target job seeker’s preferences! Recruiting leaders can rely on this visibility to feel confident in programmatic technology’s performance. 

The results (and programmatic technology users) speak for themselves:

The companies that have adopted programmatic job advertising over the last decade have fallen in love with it for that freedom, control, and visibility. Supermarket chain Giant Eagle, one of the largest family-operated companies in the U.S. with over 400 retail locations, saw a 9x increase in qualified candidates for warehousing positions and a 6x increase in hires. Not only did programmatic job advertising cure their qualified candidate problem, it also brought down Giant Eagles’ cost-per-hire by 20%. One of the most valuable parts of Appcast’s programmatic technology to these talent acquisition leaders is the granular data available to them. With these insights, Giant Eagles’ leaders feel more confident making recruitment decisions. 

Why Is Programmatic Good for your Recruitment Funnel?  

Programmatic technology optimizes the hiring process, using data to fill the bottom of your hiring funnel with quality candidates. Like any effective recruitment marketing strategy, different channels play a role in attracting talent to your organization: Programmatic job advertising gets the application and other channels – like search, social, or other online or offline media – will help engage, generate, and nurture the leads. 

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