January 25, 2017

Developing an Effective Talent Attraction Strategy

Annie Pullen
January 25, 2017

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During our webinar last Thursday, Tim Sackett discussed best practices and strategies he recommends for a strategic hiring plan that attracts quality talent to your organization.

Missed it? Here are some of the key takeaways:

“The words that we use shape the decisions that we make.”

  • The phrase ‘people are our greatest asset ever’ promotes a traditional, flawed talent acquisition mindset that turns candidates away, as they’ve begun to make it clear that the last thing they want is to be acquired like object or assets.

“Have a single definition of what talent looks like throughout the entire organization, across all functions.”

  • This is where most organizations fail. A true ‘talent attraction’ strategy requires consistency and clarity surrounding the characteristics recruiters are looking for in new employees, throughout the entire company. This is essential in creating a strong identity of the talent your organization needs to go out and find.

“Good employees will refer people if you ask them to!”

  • Developing a referral program starts with encouraging your team members to actually do it! Organizations with the strongest referral programs constantly give permission to their employees, implement employee referral technology, and keep an office scoreboard available to entice their teams to compete with each other to refer the best talent. For most organizations, referred candidates are the highest quality source of talent.

“With programmatic job advertising technology, organizations would be surprised with how little they have to do to get the results they want.”

  • With programmatic job advertising technology, recruiter’s can set ‘rules’ to reach their target candidates where they live, work, and play on the web… letting complex algorithms and software go to work behind the scenes to find quality applicants. It’s low risk; organizations pay only for applicants in a ‘performance’ media market, ensuring no budget is wasted on models that fail to deliver.

If you want to see Tim’s full presentation, you can watch it here:

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