5 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Advertising ROI

June 4, 2018 at 01:37 PM — Post

Ineffective job advertising practices cause billions of dollars of wasted spend for employers every year. Are you wasting ad spend, and looking to improve your recruitment advertising ROI?

The issue with wasted spend is two-fold. One, you’re wasting money…which speaks for itself. Second, it also means you’re not getting candidates, which also costs you money. In fact, open roles means you are losing, at the very least, average revenue per employee for every day the role is open (which doesn’t even account for the cost of not being able to grow or move forward with a project or initiative).

In this on-demand webinar, Chris Forman discusses 5 Ways to Improve your Recruitment Advertising ROI. Using the Appcast’s latest (2018) recruitment advertising industry benchmark data, our insights are derived from a analysis of of 50 million job ad clicks and 3.7 million applies. Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Improve your job ad content & shorten the application completion time
  • Capture more mobile job seekers
  • Actively manage your cost-per-click jobs ads
  • Cast a wide net
  • Measure your sources to cost-per-quality-apply (CPQA)

Making small changes to your job ads and your overall strategy can have a big impact on your ROI – hope you enjoy the webinar!

5 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Advertising ROI