October 1, 2020

A Key to Inclusive Recruitment – Understanding the Candidates Interacting With Your Job Ads

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Will Hemond
Senior Product Manager
October 1, 2020

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At Appcast, we’re committed to helping spur systemic change to promote better inclusive hiring practices. To drive that forward, we’ve built tools to better enable employers to reach more diverse and underrepresented groups.

The bottom line: if you can’t attract underrepresented candidates, you can’t hire underrepresented candidates. We’ve been thinking about how we can impact positive change throughout the recruiting funnel. If the top of your recruiting funnel (job ads or postings) is not diverse, the bottom of your funnel (ultimately, who you hire) will not be diverse.

That’s why we built Appcast Audience — a new insights dashboard that provides key demographics of the people who are engaging with your jobs. Appcast Audience is a first-in class solution that helps our Appcast Xcelerate customers understand their candidate audience by gender and ethnicity. With this information, we hope to equip our customers with data to help spur change in their organization. Awareness is knowledge. Knowledge is power. And power drives change.

Preview of Appcast’s Audience Report

As an example – if you’re looking at Appcast’s Audience Report and notice only 20% of females are engaging with your jobs, we’ve developed best practices for you to implement changes to your job titles and descriptions to improve engagement with that audience. We’ve performed extensive research on how you can take action on the data this report provides. If you’re interested in learning how you can reach and engage more candidates from underrepresented audiences, access two of our latest whitepapers: Diversity Recruiting: Finding and Hiring Candidates & Diversity Recruiting: A Guide to Best Practice Language Usage

Our existing Appcast Xcelerate customers are able to tap into these diversity insights today via this new report and are driving change within their organizations. To see Appcast’s Audience Report yourself, request a demo of Appcast Xcelerate today.

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