Appcast’s Commitment to Change

Building a supportive, respectful and inclusive organization

Appcast is committed to building a more diverse team and achieving equity and inclusion for all people we work with. For real. 


It’s fair. It’s smart. It’s right.

It is our collective experience that a team of diverse, smart, thoughtful, caring, open-minded, and dedicated professionals are stronger and more successful. 

When we think about diversity and inclusion, a few of our core values guide our conversations and actions. We “Speak Up” when something isn’t right, we endeavor to always “Be Kind” to each other, we “Do Good” in the communities where our employees, customers, and partners live and work. 

We also “Learn Every Day.” We acknowledge that we at Appcast are on a learning journey, and we have much more to learn about getting DE&I right. We continue to improve how we support our current and future employees who are from underrepresented communities and ensure all Appcastians feel supported, respected, and included at work.  

We still have much more work to do but want to highlight a few of the initial actions we’ve taken over the past year in an effort to welcome people from all backgrounds to the Appcast family, and to foster diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our organization.

  • We continue to find new ways to recruit and hire diverse talent in our workforce, and we are constantly working to ensure we have broad representation in our candidate universe. We continue to highlight the voices of all Appcastians to ensure that both current and prospective employees see that diversity is important to us and that all are welcome here.
  • We review and adjust compensation in order to ensure equity amongst employees in similar jobs and geographies.
  • As an organization that helps companies find people to hire, we help employers increase their access to a diverse audience of candidates. In the latter half of 2020, we unveiled a new feature, Audience, to help employers better understand the demographics of people who are engaging with their job ads.
  • As a business, we have provided financial support to the following organizations in our communities that promote equality, fight racism, and support underrepresented communities:
  • As a thought-leader in recruiting, we commit to examining the role of discrimination and bias in recruiting technology and practices, and educating HR and recruiting leaders on how to best increase diversity.
    • We’ve authored several whitepapers and blogs, and produced a few webinars highlighting our research that shows that casting a wider net and using data instead of humans (through programmatic technology) to drive sourcing decisions increases diversity. Those resources can be found here.


…and we’re just getting started. We will continue to learn and hold ourselves to higher standards so that we, as individuals, may grow together as an organization for the greater good.