Appcast’s Commitment to Change

Doing our Part for Justice, Diversity & Inclusion

Two of Appcast’s core values are to “Speak Up” and to “Do Good” in the communities where our employees, customers, and partners live and work. At a time like this, these values inspire us to speak out with compassion and pursue action against systemic racism, violence and hate toward the Black community. Black Lives Matter.  

In addition, Appcast has a core value to “Learn Every Day.” We acknowledge that we at Appcast are on a learning journey, on which we have much more to learn about systemic racism and unconscious bias. 

We’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about the concrete actions we will take starting now: 

  • As an employer, we recognize that we must do more to incorporate diversity in our workforce and commit to implementing change in our hiring and promotion practices to increase the diversity of our own staff and leaders.
  • As an organization that helps companies find people to hire, we can help employers increase their access to a diverse audience of candidates. 
  • As a business, we will financially support organizations in our communities that promote equality and fight racism. 
  • As a thought-leader in recruiting, we commit to examining the role of discrimination and bias in recruiting technology and practices, and educating HR and recruiting leaders on how to best increase diversity.

We will continue to learn and hold ourselves to higher standards, and we invite the recruiting and talent community to join us so that we may grow together for the greater good.