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Top Recruiting Trends for 2023

In this trends report, you’ll find details related to the labor market, job seeker preferences, recruiting tech and more, along with actionable advice to
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The keys to modern high-performance recruitment

We help talent acquisition teams be more efficient, effective, and data-driven every day. And now, we’ve curated this library of key topics to help you begin to do just that.

High-performance talent acquisition starts with a solid – and agile – foundation.

How Benefits Impact Candidate Attraction

Most hiring organizations understand the importance of highlighting their benefits in their job…

Decoding Global Talent, Onsite and Virtual

The Global Talent Survey is the largest study of workforce trends in the…
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Funnel fluency: The language of high-performance recruitment

At Appcast we always talk about being data-driven in your recruitment decisions. And…
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Moving Beyond Post and Pray to a Recruitment Advertising Strategy

It’s tempting to dismiss a recruitment advertising strategy as unnecessary. After all, the…
You can’t improve what you don’t measure – start your data-driven TA journey here.
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Sneak Peek: 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Results

Appcast labor economist Andrew Flowers takes a deep dive into the data to be highlighted in our 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.
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Why Programmatic Platform Data Matters Now More Than Ever

Using data to drive decisions is always a recruitment best practice. In times…

A Guide to Measuring, Reading and Understanding Your Recruitment Data

Download this whitepaper in order to learn the data-driven strategies to set your…

Building Baseline Metrics to Increase the ROI of Your Recruitment Advertising

Download this whitepaper and learn how to capture your baseline metrics to maximize…
Efficiency and effectiveness driven by data and technology? Don’t mind if I do!

Transparency in Recruitment Programmatic Platforms & Job Ad Exchanges

With this guide, you’ll learn the importance of transparency in programmatic recruitment technology…

Selecting a Programmatic Advertising Platform: Key Questions to Include in Your RFP

Are you in the market for a programmatic recruitment advertising platform, but unsure…

Programmatic Recruitment Technology 101

Understand the fundamentals of programmatic recruiting, and learn how programmatic technology can impact…

Appcast Guide to Recruitment and Programmatic Terminology

With this guide, you’ll learn the key terminology that has come with the…
Need to stretch your recruiting budget further? Start with the things you can control: your apply process and candidate experience.

Best Practices in Job Ad Content

Programmatic recruitment technology helps hiring organizations get their job ads in front of…

Understanding the Impact of Job Descriptions, Titles, and Apply Processes on Sourcing Costs

Recruiters are challenged with crafting the most appealing and effective job titles and…

How to Win Candidates Without Spending More on Clicks

Download this whitepaper to learn not only how to get more candidates responding…
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What Makes Candidates Click: The Do’s & Don’ts of Job Advertising

Have you ever wondered what makes candidates click, or not click, on your…
Stay on top of all the latest tactics so you can build an integrated, evolving strategy that attracts the best talent out there.

2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

This report will help you understand where, when, and how to reach the…
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The Life of a Recruiter

Download the Definitive guide to recruitment advertising, second edition here!…

How to Improve Recruiting Effectiveness: 6 levers that Influence CPA

With this guide, you will learn about key variables that you can act…

Recruitment Advertising Done Right

While every job advertising campaign has its challenges, our guide presents eight mistakes…
The modern way to get results from your job ads.

What Is a Job Ad Exchange?

Download this whitepaper to learn how to target candidates across 1000s of sites…

Programmatic Recruitment Advertising: The Better Way to Promote Job Ads

Learn all about programmatic recruitment software, how it works, and how you can…

Pay-Per-Applicant: The New Way to Pay for Job Ads

Advertising your open jobs has come a long way in the last 20…
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How Is Managing Multiple Job Boards Different than Using a Job Ad Exchange?

A job ad exchange allows companies to connect to hundreds or even thousands…
Recruiting diverse talent is a vital part of improving your company’s D&I.
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Help Change the World. Make Diversity a Recruitment Priority

Inequality. Discrimination. Brutality. Injustice. I find it sickening and shameful that in 2020…
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Diversity: Women at the Top

When organizations are looking to implement and expand diversity initiatives, experts often advise,…

Diversity Recruiting: Finding and Hiring Candidates

As more organizations embrace diversity and inclusion—and competition for candidates intensifies—more creative approaches…

Diversity Recruiting: Guide to Best Practice Language Usage

Words matter in the workplace, especially when you’re in recruiting & hiring. As…
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My Introduction to the Appcast Internship Program

At the age of 20, I am constantly wondering who I want to…
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Jobs Recovery Is In The Home Stretch

The U.S. economy added a solid 390,000 net new jobs in May 2022….
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Two Ways High Inflation Shapes Recruiting

Rising Wage Expectations and Online Ad Costs are Impacting Talent Acquisition Prices are…
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20 Myths about Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic job advertising continues to be an emerging trend among high-performing hiring organizations….
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Job Growth Strong and Labor Force Rebound On Track

The US labor market continues to be very strong, despite the war in…
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Timing is Everything: 3 Examples of How Time Impacts Job Ad Performance

“Time is of the essence.”  It certainly is. If you are serious about…