September 25, 2020

Recruiting Shifts We Can’t Ignore as We Move into 2021

September 25, 2020

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2020 has been a hectic year and 2021 is fast approaching. Which now begs the question: what recruiting shifts happened this year that we can expect to see more of moving forward, and how can we plan for that?

In case you missed it, we recently held a webinar on 9 recruitment shifts in 2020 that are here to stay in 2021. So, here are some trends we anticipate more of moving forward:

  1. Good candidates having a good candidate experience

Is your organization having a positive impact on your job seekers’ ability to become candidates? Are you optimized for a mobile application process? Read our blog on how to support and measure your candidate experience

  1. Your employer brand still matters (now and always)

Job seekers are researching what people say about your organization. People remember first impressions especially when it’s a positive one. What do your Glassdoor ratings say? Is your website portraying the message you want? Candidates are looking at these so it’s important to see how you view yourselves as a company. 

  1. There are ideal days to reach job seekers

Historically Monday’s were more popular days for applications, however, data is demonstrating that there are ideal days to attract your candidates while being more cost efficient. For more information on changes in CPA throughout the week you can download our 2020 Midyear Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.

  1. Leveraging automated text to reach and engage candidates

It’s no surprise that people today are highly attached to their mobile devices and are more inclined to respond to a text message faster than we are to email. Texting can be used throughout the recruiting process and to continuously engage through the candidate journey.

  1. Mobile engagement

Using a mobile device, candidates are more likely to apply to your open jobs than on a desktop. Evaluate if your application process is quick and mobile friendly because if not there is a smaller chance they will revisit again once they are near a desktop.

  1. Side Hustles 

Given the increase in ‘gig’ type roles, alongside many people looking to make up lost income or employment during COVID, side hustles will continue.

  1. Costs to acquire will vary depending on location

Data shows more organizations are hiring in different places than they were previously though remote work. More companies are embracing finding the best candidates for their jobs regardless of where they are located.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion

Revisit your KPI’s. Candidates are more excited to be a part of the D&I journey so it’s crucial to make sure they are getting representation.

  1. Take care of your existing employees

This year has taught people that life is too short to be in a position where they don’t feel respected. Initiatives such as internal mobility programs, support for referrals, professional development opportunities, and a positive work culture all play an important role in whether your employees decide to stay long-term.

These are some of the trends we have seen already but have become more important to pay attention to as we adopt new recruitment strategies moving forward. It’s time to start planning for your 2021 strategy now so take advantage of resources available to you.

Watch our recent webinar 9 Recruitment Shifts in 2020 that are Here to Stay in 2021 to learn more about these trends. For more information on the data presented, download our Special Edition 2020 Midyear Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.

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