June 25, 2020

A Tool to Help You Assess Your Recruitment Priorities and Determine Where to Focus

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June 25, 2020

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Business has changed and will continue to change as the country recovers from the impact of the global pandemic. In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to assess your recruitment priorities and figure out where to focus.

With this in mind, Appcast has developed a tool to help provide insight. The Appcast Prioritization Worksheet includes a methodology for measuring where you are now, while highlighting gaps and identifying what tactics will likely result in more successful outcomes.

The tool looks at the five “big rocks” discussed at the June 9 webinar: Employer Brand, Candidate Experience, Workplace Transformation, Diversity, and Data-Driven Initiatives.

Here are the questions you’ll want to think about as you download the Appcast Prioritization Worksheet.

Employer Brand

Reputation continues to matter. Assess how recent events may have impacted your efforts to maintain or further your employer brand.

1. How would you rate your employer brand reputation?

2. What is your Glassdoor rating?

3. How succinct are your job titles and descriptions?

4. Does all your recruitment marketing material (career site, job descriptions, display ads) reflect your EVP?

5. How well does your employer brand align with your consumer brand?

Candidate Experience

During difficult times, it’s easy to overlook candidate relationship basics. Assess how you’re doing.

6. How long does it take to apply for a job on a desktop device?

7. What percentage of candidates abandon your application process?

8.  How quickly are you able to respond to candidates who apply for your jobs?

9.  How would you rate your mobile application experience?

10. How frequently do you contact candidates during the screening process?

Workplace Transformation

The recruiting environment has changed at the same time the workplace has changed. Assess how you’re adapting.

11. Are you including changes in work and/or safety measures in your candidate facing material?

12. Have you shifted to video interviewing and/or onboarding?

13. Are you considering or have you implemented safety measures?

14. Have you made modifications so that employees don’t work in close proximity?

15. Are your employees reluctant to return to work because of safety concerns?


It’s always a business best practice to focus on diversity. The current civil unrest serves as a reminder that there is much more to be done from an employment standpoint. Assess your diversity recruitment practices.

16. What do your interview teams look like?

17. Do you consider your referral program a benefit or part of the problem?

18. Are you screening for privilege or potential?

19. Do you consider your organization’s employee development programs when recruiting?

20. Do you rely on best practices when sourcing diverse candidates?

Data-Driven Initiatives

Pre-pandemic, more organizations were relying on data to drive recruitment practices. Assess where you stand now as far as leveraging data.

21. Are you using small incremental data points in your analysis to pinpoint opportunities for improvement?

22. Are you using automation within your data analysis to make real-time improvements based on data?

23. Are you using data to identify and remove bias in your recruiting process?

24. Are you using data to find and improve your candidate attraction efforts?

25. Are you using data to make changes to your candidate experience?

The entire assessment and scoring process should take about 5 minutes. Why not download your Appcast Prioritization Worksheet now?

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