It's time for your recruiting comeback

Finding talent right now is a challenge. Picking and choosing where, when, and how to effectively advertise open jobs can be a full-time position. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be.

There’s a better way to advertise open positions in this “new normal” state of recruiting and talent acquisition.

We call it programmatic recruitment advertising. But first of all, tell us - what is your current knowledge of programmatic recruitment?


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Job Seekers Behaving Oddly

Get the most recent data on the state of the candidate acquisition market.

Talkin' About a Recruiting Evolution

See why future recruiting leaders need to adapt to a constantly changing hiring market.

Data Insights Make Better Recruitment Decisions

Learn why performance data is key to a successful recruitment operation.


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What is Programmatic Recruitment?
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Programmatic Recruitment Technology 101

Learn everything you need to know about important programmatic recruitment terms.

Demystifying Programmatic

In this blog, we breakdown the truths and myths about programmatic recruitment.


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What is Appcast Premium?

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Selecting a Programmatic Advertising Platform

Here’s the list of everything you need to make a programmatic selection that will work for your organization.

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Appcast Premium Delivers 35% Increase in Hiring Volume for Platinum Supplemental Insurance

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