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Appcast Drives 25% Lower Cost-Per-Hire for Platinum Supplemental Insurance

Platinum Insurance
Key Solutions:

Platinum Supplemental Insurance markets cost-effective, benefit-rich supplemental insurance policies that bring security to rural customers throughout the American Midwest. The insurance policies Platinum markets support financial shortfalls that may be left by traditional health insurance plans.

The challenge: lack of applicant volume throughout rural markets

Most of Platinum’s recruiting is focused on sourcing sales reps that go into the field throughout rural areas of the country to market supplemental insurance options to farmers and small business owners. They actively and consistently source candidates for these roles, as keeping their teams out in the field is essential to the success of their business.

Matt Mackenzie, Internet Marketing Specialist at Platinum, wanted to invest in job advertising solutions that would deliver more candidates from his controlled budget and change the way his team could source and screen candidates.

“While an insurance career isn’t for everyone, we firmly believe that when people start as sales representatives at Platinum, we can help them succeed and do really well for themselves,” Mackenzie stated. “From a recruiting standpoint, it’s important that we get our opportunities in front of as many people as possible.”

Mackenzie’s challenge was consistently reaching candidates in new regions of the country to drive Platinum’s hiring initiatives, especially in more rural regions. Their entry-level insurance sales roles are evergreen; they always need incoming leads.

The solution: better reach, precision, and targeting

Appcast proved a valuable candidate sourcing tool for Platinum to reach higher volumes of candidates at an affordable price point. Mackenzie was able to reallocate a large portion of his budget (that he’d previously been putting towards major job boards and aggregators) into Appcast, and only pay for completed applications.

As part of his advertising approach, Mackenzie was able to use Appcast to reach candidates within specific markets in the Midwest. Because of the flexible cost-per-applicant pricing model, Mackenzie could focus some of his budget towards advertising campaigns in his harder-to-fill markets—Nebraska and Idaho, to name a few—to fulfill Platinum’s recruiting goals.

Appcast not only allowed Mackenzie to focus his job advertising budget as needed, but also provided better visibility into the performance of his ads. From within Appcast’s comprehensive dashboard, Mackenzie could break his job advertising performance down on a cost-basis. Based on Platinum’s average $12 cost-per-applicant (CPA) with Appcast, Mackenzie could make predictions and decisions on how to allocate his budget, considering how many agents they needed to get out in the field.

The data Appcast provides has been a baseline for optimizing not only his average cost-per-applicant, but Platinum’s entire job advertising strategy. Since identifying the $12 CPA with Appcast as a benchmark, he’s used that intelligence to drive the performance of his ads with all of Platinum’s sources.

With Appcast’s strategic account management, Mackenzie has also taken his sourcing and screening process one step further. Appcast helped his team integrate Platinum’s online apply flow with its CRM. “Setting up the CRM integration drastically changed the way my team screens candidates, saving them valuable time,” Mackenzie said. “Now, with Appcast, we are able to look one step further towards qualified applicants, which is what we really need.”

The result: candidates from Appcast lower Platinum’s cost-per-hire by 25%

Having used Appcast as a primary source of candidates since 2014, Mackenzie continues to rely on the tool, day in and day out. The ongoing relationship is a reflection of both Platinum and Appcast’s dedication to data-driven, effective recruiting.

Mackenzie actively understands the performance of his job advertising sources and consistently looks at his spend data. He constantly uses Appcast as a source of applicants, as it’s been their highest-performing source in terms of consistent applicant volume, as it compares to quality. From a cost savings standpoint, Appcast continues to produce hires for Platinum in the winning seat. Appcast candidates result in a 25% lower cost-per-hire compared to all of Platinum’s other sources.

“We hire applicants from Appcast at a significantly higher rate than any of the applicants we get from other publishers,” Mackenzie stated. “On top of that, they are a fantastic partner. We are transparent and inform them of our goals and expectations… and they always deliver.”

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