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Data-driven process

Not enough candidates to make hires? Programmatic job advertising proactively identifies jobs that do not have enough candidates, and then advertises them on job boards that are most likely to deliver hireable candidates.

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Programmatic recruitment is imperative in this market

Programmatic recruitment allows manufacturing employers to ramp up or scale down depending on monthly hiring goals. Unlike yearly contracts, budgets are adjustable by month (or even by week).

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Less wasted time, more results

Get more qualified candidates for each job and reduce the cost-per-hire and time-to-fill rates. Your time is freed up to focus on more strategic tasks like sourcing for niche roles and moving candidates along the hiring process.

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Adia Scales Operations Nationwide in Less Than 2 Months by Growing Worker Registrations by 78% with Appcast’s Software

Adia partners with warehouses, manufacturing and production facilities, and hospitality businesses, providing them an easier and better way to find the people they need

Labor Market Snapshot: After Decades of Big Talk, Reshoring May Finally Happen

Manufacturing added jobs at a steady pace throughout all of 2022, despite the challenges of inflation and rising interest rates.

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