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Adia Scales Operations Nationwide in Less Than 2 Months by Growing Worker Registrations by 78% with Appcast’s Software

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Results at a Glance:

Employers use Adia to find candidates for anything from weekend gigs to long-term work engagements. When COVID-19 struck, Adia’s customers came to them looking for support finding candidates, particularly for supply chain, transportation, and logistics positions. Adia needed a scalable, fast-acting job advertising solution to acquire enough candidates to meet market demand.

A high-volume job advertising strategy makes nationwide growth possible

Adia needed to expand in key markets as quickly as possible. The Appcast team set up Adia’s job advertising campaigns in those locations immediately. With each specific market campaign, like “Dallas Warehouse Positions,” or “Houston Administrative Positions,” the Adia team could clearly see the sources they were using to advertise positions all from one platform, as well as crucial performance and spend metrics. During a stressful, time-strapped period, these at-a-glance reports saved the Adia team valuable time when sharing the success of their campaigns with company leadership.

“I’ve never worked with any vendor who’s been as responsive as the Appcast team. When we started working together, they were flexible and adjusted to what we needed during a complex time,” said Kaylan Millis, Head of Marketing at Adia.

Integrating Craigslist into Adia’s strategy becomes paramount 

Appcast brought Craigslist postings into Adia’s publisher mix which unlocked significantly higher volumes of candidates. The Adia team could set rules for the days they needed to post their jobs to Craigslist, and at what times. The specificity and automation Appcast’s software provided helped Adia achieve significantly better ROI from Craigslist postings.

By diversifying the sources that Adia was advertising on – and consolidating all of that work through Appcast’s software – they were able to reach more qualified candidates at a faster rate than what would have been possible if the Adia team had been posting jobs themselves, directly.

The result: more qualified workers, fast

With Appcast’s programmatic job advertising software, Adia grew from an operation of 84,000 workers to 146,000 workers in less than 2 months. By growing their worker count by 78%, Adia was able to quickly open up new markets nationwide. “Our Appcast account manager was phenomenal and helped us figure out how we could expand nationwide smoothly,” Millis said. “They implemented creative and strategic tactics to exhaust our budget to get hundreds of candidates for jobs that we needed to fulfill within a week.”

“When we started working with the Appcast team, we were operating in 5 markets across the United States. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we expanded our operation essentially overnight to meet market demand,” said Millis. “We would not have been able to do that without Appcast.”

About Adia 

Adia is an on-demand recruiting platform that transforms the way that businesses find talent. Adia partners with warehouses, manufacturing and production facilities, and hospitality businesses, providing them an easier and better way to find the people they need. By using Adia, employers get full visibility into their hourly workforce 24/7 and access to a worker pool that’s 10x bigger than a staffing agency. There are no contracts, no middleman, and no red tape.

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