Allan Schweyer
Allan Schweyer

How Can You Leverage ‘Robots’ in Recruiting?

March 28, 2017 at 04:52 PM — Post

Broadly defined, the term artificial intelligence (AI) is applied to machines and algorithms that mimic the cognitive functions of human beings. But for the time being, AI augments and/or automates only specific tasks, but does not and may never possess a “general intelligence” similar to the human brain. But what does the future of AI hold for recruitment?

The implications for the recruiting profession are immense, just as they are for professionals in almost every other discipline. While the impact on jobs for recruiters—on a large scale—may occur only gradually over the next decade or so, another major implication of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting is already upon us. Namely, the myriad ways in which AI is changing the work of recruiters today—particularly in sourcing and initial screening.

From my research, I’ve learned a few ways that recruiters can begin to leverage AI and ‘robots’ to their advantage, and create better recruiting outcomes. Watch my latest webinar, ‘Robots in Recruiting – The Implications for AI on Talent Acquisition’ on-demand here:

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To learn more about the greater impacts of recruitment AI in the world of work today, download my latest whitepaper on ‘robots’ in recruiting:

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