Find more candidates and meet market demand

It’s estimated that more than one-third of U.S. workers are now members of the gig economy. We understand how competitive it is to acquire candidates needed to fulfill gigs at your organization. Learn how Appcast’s solutions can support your company’s growth.

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Appcast for the Gig Economy


Effortlessly scale your business.

Reach your business goals more easily with centralized, programmatic ad buying. Access more marketing channels, see all performance, and take action from one dashboard that helps you optimize campaigns to specific KPIs.

Acquire candidates on a cost-per-apply model.

Set your target cost-per-applicant or bid ‘market rate’ to acquire the right volume of candidates, for the appropriate cost. Use this data to understand a holistic view of your recruitment marketing funnel and optimize down-funnel performance metrics.

Grow your business with gig economy experts.

Partner with Appcast to optimize your growing markets. Test geographic expansion in the locations you’re looking to grow, with insight from the industry’s most renowned gig economy experts.