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Angie Nath

Angie Nath

Director of Human Resources

Five Star Call Centers

Appcast streamlines our job advertising spend across multiple sources to attract talent, but allows us to only engage with the best candidates for our open positions. They are a true partner that provides top-notch service and lets us focus on growing our business one team member at a time.
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Jeremy Bushaw

VP, Talent Acquisition


"Appcast is effortless. We set our targeting rules and it delivers quality candidates."
Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander

Talent Acquisition Operations Manager

AccentCare, Inc.

“Appcast is a great addition to our recruiting toolbox. It's a great product for talent attraction and the controls we have over where and how much we spend is invaluable."
Ed Tobon Headshot

Ed Tobon

Director of Talent Management Systems


“Appcast provides excellent analytics & service. The flexibility to run campaigns when needed and pay-per-applicant pricing make my spend more cost-efficient.”
Anthony Scarpino Headshot

Anthony Scarpino

Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition


“Appcast enables us to connect with top talent more efficiently and cost-effectively.”
Nathan Barnes

Nathan Barnes

Chief Administrative Officer

Integrity Home Care + Hospice

With Appcast, our average cost-per-applicant is 65% lower than what we get from our other sources. On top of that, ​their customer service team is highly responsive and supportive.
Phillip Marquart Headshot

Phillip Marquart

Team Lead - Talent Attraction


“Clickcast has provided a tremendous boost to our talent attraction efforts. The ability for us to strategically attract talent has allowed us to attract higher quality candidates while also reducing spend."
Jessica Davidson Headshot

Jessica Davidson

PPC Marketing Analyst


“With Clickcast, we can drill down job performance by categories, locations, companies, and even the individual job level. This greater insight has allowed us to optimize our advertising efforts on job boards and thus helped improve ROI.”
Pavel Grishchenko's Headshot

Pavel Grishchenko

Paid Growth Lead


At Preply we use Appcast not just to source candidates, but to grow registered users. With this model, we only pay for what matters to us.
Jim Pickering

Jim Pickering

Senior Recruiting Manager

Professional Staffing Group

"Since implementing Clickcast, our cost-per-interview is dropping every month in 2019. It's like having a cheat code for figuring out what specific postings attract the best candidates, for the cheapest costs."
Jack Folz Headshot

Jack Folz

Programmatic Media Trader

Bayard Advertising

"Appcast provides quality applications at a great price. It is easy to use and the service is top-notch."
Colleen Kelly

Colleen Kelly

Account Director

Buyer Advertising

“Appcast has proven to be a successful source of talent for a wide range of clients. With Appcast, we're able to guarantee them applicants.”
Dan Fick

Dan Fick

Director of Recruiting

InterDent Service Corporation

"Our Appcast account executives have invested heavily into learning our business and our hiring needs and have helped to create strong campaigns for roles that are in high demand with a low supply of talent."