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Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts for 2022

As a new year begins, and hiring organizations reassess their talent acquisition strategies, it’s helpful to take a look at best – and worst…

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Why Outcome-Based Job Descriptions Drive Up Quality and Quantity of Candidates – Part I

If you’re a recruiter, you’ve heard the repetitive story of how job descriptions…
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How to Improve your Mobile Recruiting

Today, consumers use their mobile devices for everything; to check social updates, verify…

There is no doubt that the mobile explosion does, and will continue to, have a profound impact on the recruitment process, costs, and outcomes. The challenge now is for recruiters to provide a seamless application experience on a mobile device.


Four Strategies that Drive Completed Applications

Job ad spending accounts for, on average, 30% of a corporate recruiter’s discretionary…

How Job Descriptions, Titles, & Apply Process Impacts Conversion Rates & Sourcing Costs

Recruiters can boost the ROI of their recruitment spend by testing the conversion rate of their job ads and apply processes. Learn how with these best practices.

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Mobile Vs. Desktop Recruiting & What it Means to You

Mobile has a huge impact on apply rates. Watch this interview with Todd Rafael of ERE and Chris Forman of Appcast as they discuss what works on mobile, what doesn’t, and why.