Appcast is on a mission to revolutionize recruitment.

As a team of recruiting industry veterans, technologists, & data scientists, we believe that data and software can help employers, recruitment & staffing firms, job sites, and agencies alike dramatically improve recruitment outcomes.

Two of Appcast’s core values are to “Speak Up” and to “Do Good” in the communities where our employees, customers, and partners live and work. At a time like this, these values inspire us to speak out with compassion and pursue action against systemic racism. Learn more →

Who we are

Appcastians pride ourselves on being independent and different. We are born of New Hampshire & Belarus – the physical and cultural homes of our founding team. Both of these places seem to hatch people that move to their own drum beat.

Here’s what makes us tick.

First, we like to build things that have value for our clients and where we can see the impact of our personal work. We are focused on doing stuff that matters and letting people see the result of their labor. It’s a simple concept, but incredibly rewarding. Second, we focus on ‘sharing our success.’ This isn’t some hippy commune, ‘free love’ thing… it’s a business strategy. People want, need, and seek out purpose. They want to see that they are valuable.

Feeling your work matters to your clients, family, and community is the foundation of what we try to create at Appcast. We believe it makes a stronger business and a more resolute team… kind of like the Granite in the mountains of our beloved State of NH or the Bison in beautiful Belarus.


Chris, Founder & CEO

What We Do

Appcast is the leading developer of programmatic job advertising technology, powering a revolution across the global recruitment industry. From its namesake pay-per-applicant job ad exchange to its innovative recruitment advertising optimization platform, Appcast is changing how employers, recruitment & staffing firms, ad agencies, and job sites attract high-quality job seekers.

How We Do It

Our technology

Leveraging programmatic software and market data, job advertising decisions are automated in seconds to deliver applicants or other outcomes only where they’re needed, further optimizing spend and ROI.

Our alignment

We succeed only when our clients do. Our software tools are designed to ensure we optimize results for the lowest cost and best results, running on a true pay-for-performance model.

Our transparency

Appcast’s analytics and data-reading capabilities are encompassed in a beautiful real-time dashboard, allowing users to see and make their job ad media buying decisions from one spot.

Led by recruitment industry lifers...and transplants
Representing our family style, mission-driven team culture
Rooted across the United States, Canada, UK, & Belarus
Our furry office mates bring us joy on those hard days of work

Award Winning Solutions

We do good works outside of work.

With our good fortune comes the responsibility to give back. We strive to help better the community that has been so good to us, and give back to those in need. From volunteering at food kitchens and supporting our local schools, we want to extend our reach outside the walls of our office.

Read about our service project supporting The Batey Foundation in the Dominican Republic.

Our Offices

Lebanon, NH

Our main office is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. We are nestled in the mountains of the Connecticut River Valley, and with Dartmouth College in a neighboring town, we are lucky to be surrounded by smart and innovative thinkers and explorers of the world.

Needham, MA

Our communal space at Workbar is located in Needham, Massachusetts. The open cafe-like rooms, lounges, and private offices provide for inspiration while working around like-minded individuals. The office also has bottomless fair trade coffee, snacks on hand, and free office supplies to use at your leisure.

Minsk, Belarus

Some of our developers work from Minsk, Belarus in an office outside of the city. It is a think-tank for the development team; they code, build, and collaborate in their work space. We are lucky to have our world class team of Belarussians bringing their talent right to our door.

Fredericton, NB

Located in the Atlantic Time Zone (yes, that exists!), our Canadian office is found in tech-friendly, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Employees thrive in an open-concept working space that overlooks one of many city parks, is minutes from the Saint John River and seconds from over 80km of trails.