June 17, 2020

Moving Those Big Rocks: Workplace Transformation Resources to Further Your Recruitment Priorities and Tactics Conversations

June 17, 2020

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During Appcast’s June 9th webinar about agile recruiting, I referenced data from a variety of sources, and I mentioned that we would share these and other resources to help you as you have your priorities and tactics conversations. 

We will stagger these out in the coming days. Today, here are links to information focused on supporting and measuring workplace transformation.

Workplace Concerns

Return to Work: Toolkit, Paycor

Littler COVID-19 Return to Work Survey Report, Littler

Amid Slow Return to Workplaces, COVID-19 Precautions Abound, Gallup

HRE’s Number of the Day: Technology support, Human Resource Executive

COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project, History Factory

Navigating the legal questions of workplace returns, Human Resource Executive

COVID-19: Creating a Safe Workplace, Cleveland Clinic

COVID-19: Workforce considerations, PwC

Coronavirus and COVID-19, SHRM

HRE’s Number of the Day: concerns about returning to work, Human Resource Executive


How Companies Can Approach Recruiting During Coronavirus, Brink

Recruiting in the Age of Coronavirus: Ready for the Next Wave, ACOG 

Recruitment Best Practices During COVID-19, HR Daily Advisor

Building a Talent Pipeline Still Makes Sense. Here’s Why, Appcast

5 tips to help recruiters survive the coronavirus crisis, Human Resource Executive

An Update on our Recruiting Approach During the Coronavirus Crisis, Goldman Sachs

8 Helpful Resources for Virtual Recruiting During COVID-19, Yello

How COVID-19 Impacts Your Recruitment Funnel, Harver

Agile Recruiting in the Face of Uncertainty, Appcast

Workforce Planning

Back to Business: Workforce Planning Amid Uncertainty, Appcast

How companies are responding to COVID-19, Monster

Workforce Planning: Preparing for the Next Economic Downturn, Dr. John Sullivan

Workforce planning during recession, IES

Work From Home

Cappelli: Why we won’t keep working from home, Human Resource Executive

Sage-Gavin: Remote work brings culture front and center, Human Resource Executive 

How to Work From Home: 20 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully, HubSpot

Rethinking Remote Work Amid COVID-19, Appcast

The Ultimate List of WFH (Working From Home) Resources, Filestage

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