TRAC Intermodal LLC

Wondering How To Source Applicants For Hard-to-Fill Jobs? TRAC Intermodal uses Appcast’s Programmatic Job Ad Technology

Client's Challenges

  • Sourcing specialized talent in rural locations

  • Hiring for hard-to-fill job, including Chassis Mechanic Positions & Forklift Operators

  • Not enough time for recruiters to manually post jobs and manage job ad spend

Appcast's Solution

  • Advertised jobs on a pay-per-applicant basis
  • Utilized job-level campaign management to target forklift operators and trucking mechanics from an extensive publisher network
  • ‘Set it and forget it’ functionality saved recruiters time and resources

Results Driven

  • #1 source of applicants, in terms of cost, above other major job sites
  • #2 source of applicant volume
  • 1300+ total applicants driven by Appcast
  • Eliminated time-intensive process of manually posting on various job boards

TRAC Intermodal, founded in 1968, is the largest provider of marine and domestic intermodal equipment throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their company strives to provide the highest quality service for their customers; they operate in a way that minimizes risk, helps improve customer efficiency and ensures chassis reliability.

Whitney Kobrin, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition at TRAC Intermodal, is responsible for the sourcing strategies to fill open roles throughout the organization’s 22 offices across the U.S.

Finding specialized talent to fill roles for Forklift Operators and Chassis Mechanics is no easy task. These types of open jobs often receive far too few or no organic applies. “Our senior level chassis mechanic positions are oftentimes more difficult-to-fill than highly qualified technical and IT talent,” Kobrin said.

Kobrin took a pilot of Appcast to supplement her manual efforts of posting on specific job sites.

Inside Appcast’s employer dashboard, Kobrin set up campaigns and job groups for her hard-to-fill jobs. She set her cost-per-applicant (CPA) at a price point that would drive high-quality traffic to her positions most in need of applicant volume. Based off her needs and goals, Appcast’s engine went to work, finding quality applicants from wherever they lived on the web.

“The time I save from not having to manually post on every job board is invaluable,” Kobrin stated. “A lot of recruiters forget they have various accounts with different job boards that require upkeep.” Now, from using Appcast as a consistent source of applicants, Kobrin doesn’t need to worry about locking her budget into underperforming job boards. Appcast’s programmatic job advertising software automatically optimizes candidate delivery from sources across a network of 10,000+ job sites and content providers.

For convenience sake, ease-of-use, and optimal candidate flow, Kobrin relies on Appcast as a source of quality applicants on a day-to-day basis. Appcast’s pay-per-applicant exchange remains a top source of applicant volume for Kobrin.

“I let Appcast run automatically in the background based off our current hiring needs. If the job is open and we need applicants… we’re going to use Appcast,” Kobrin said. “Guaranteed.”

Kobrin also finds that the fine-tuned attention to detail from her Appcast support team is what helps drive the biggest success. “This past month, Appcast was our number one source of applicants above both Indeed and Glassdoor,” said Kobrin. “And on top of that, the customer service is a 10 out of 10.”