May 5, 2021

The Recruiting Outlook for Healthcare

Paula Santonocito Headshot
Paula Santonocito
May 5, 2021

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Some of us in the recruiting space have grown leery of making predictions. A global pandemic with widespread implications for the employment marketplace will do that to you.

Nevertheless, at Appcast, we have access to a wealth of data, and that data provides insight.

With this in mind, we looked more closely at Healthcare, partly because the industry and related job functions have been significantly impacted by recent events, and partly because other factors, like an aging population and ongoing demand for workers, suggest hiring organizations will continue to face challenges.

The Appcast 2021 Healthcare Benchmark Report shares what we learned.

What the data shows

Appcast Research finds that year-over-year, 2019 to 2020, the overall Healthcare apply rate went down, and cost per click (CPC) and cost per application (CPA) went up. And the decrease and increases are significant.

The report also looks at 2020 CPA ranges for key Healthcare roles.

From there we move on to 2020 apply rates for key Healthcare roles – and compare these to apply rates for Q1 2021.

Then we look at employment projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for those same roles.

Finally, we look at apply rate and CPC by state, so talent acquisition professionals can gain regional perspective.

How to use this information

The report should prove helpful for hiring organizations looking to fill open Healthcare roles, now and in the near future.

By relying on data to assess your particular situation, and making strategic adjustments, you are more likely to find the candidates you need.

As always, if you require additional information, feel free to reach out to Appcast. Our knowledgeable team can provide assistance, and help you leverage data and programmatic recruitment technology for optimal success

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