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Paula Santonocito, HCM Journalist

Setting Your Sites on Job Candidates

March 14, 2017 at 02:04 PM — Post

One of the many great things about working in a particular field for a long time is that you become a witness to change. Such has been my experience in covering employee recruitment since the early days of the internet.

Watching technology and other factors influence processes, especially the way employers and job seekers interact, and learning first-hand about these changes, sometimes before they happen, from the change-makers themselves, is exciting stuff.

The inclination might be to say: Looking out from those early days, who could have predicted the current environment? But the truth is, several people did exactly that, and got much of it right. Change, it turns out, is often more logical than surprising. All it takes is a visionary, or two or three, to connect the dots.

Perhaps nothing illustrates this like the corporate careers site. It’s a topic I’ve been writing about for many years, mostly because I’ve been fascinated by the potential of these sites.

My earlier articles have titles like, “Corporate Careers Sites Likely to Get New Attention,” (HRWire, May 2005); “Features of a Best Practice Corporate Careers Site,” (Online Recruitment Magazine, May 2006); “Driving Candidate Engagement at Corporate Careers Sites,” (HRWire, May 2008); and “Corporate Careers Sites 2.0” (Online Recruitment Magazine, May 2008), among others.

Notice a theme? The corporate careers site always seemed on the cusp of a major breakthrough, to finally deliver on its promise. Nevertheless, something was … still … missing.

Well, I’m happy to report that, thanks to various factors, the corporate careers site has arrived. I explore these factors and look at today’s sites in a white paper for Appcast, “How the Corporate Careers Site Has Evolved in Talent Attraction.”

In connection with this project, I once again had the privilege of speaking with change-makers and tapping research from top organizations. I’m honored to work with people who are among the smartest folks in any field. I’m sure that, like me, you’ll find their insight invaluable.

Download ‘How the Corporate Careers Site Has Evolved in Talent Attraction‘ to learn more:

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