July 6, 2021

Programmatic Approach Results in 131% Increase in Candidate Applications for Healthcare Organization

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July 6, 2021

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Finding clinical and non-clinical healthcare candidates is competitive and challenging. In a constantly changing labor market, the need for healthcare talent remains constant.

Due to a lack of candidates, a healthcare organization decided to increase its job advertising budget on leading job boards and aggregators from $3,000 to $5,000. When increasing their budget, their plan was to use the money to source additional candidates they needed from their current sources. The results didn’t align with what they hoped would happen from allocating additional investment toward job advertising.

Stumped as to why the additional budget didn’t yield results, they turned to programmatic job advertising as a solution to optimize their initial $3,000 budget with the hope of getting more candidates from the same budget. Using Appcast’s programmatic recruiting software, three key steps were taken to set the organization up for success with a new job advertising strategy:

  1. Setting up Source Tracking – It was essential that they have insight into where each and every application they were acquiring was coming from, to better understand how their budget was being put to work.
  2. Job Site Diversification – Adding more of the right job sites into their existing marketing mix helped them gain visibility on more places throughout the web.  
  3. Prioritization of Jobs – Setting up a strategy to ensure the hardest-to-fill jobs (high priority jobs) were getting the most visibility while the easiest-to-fill jobs (low priority jobs) helped strategically align their job advertising budget with actual needs.

The Results:

  • Before using programmatic approach: 379 healthcare candidate applications per month for an average CPA of $7.90
  • After using a programmatic approach: 876 healthcare candidate applications per month for an average CPA of $3.20

By implementing this strategy, they received a 131% increase in candidate applications, while also lowering the amount of spend required to reach those candidates.Learn how other organizations increase the number of candidates they reach and optimize their budget with programmatic recruiting technology: https://www.appcast.io/customer-stories/

This blog was originally published on the Haley Marketing website.

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