October 20, 2020

Programmatic and Your ATS

Paula Santonocito Headshot
Paula Santonocito
October 20, 2020

A new Appcast report looks at applicant tracking systems (ATS), candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, and other candidate attraction platforms from the standpoint of two metrics, highest apply rate and lowest cost per application (CPA), for 12 job functions.

Why do these metrics matter? Because much can be gleaned from these numbers.

About apply rate

A high apply rate suggests that:

  • Your job ad resonates with candidates
  • You’re posting to job sites where your candidate audience is looking
  • Your application process is user friendly
  • Your application process is mobile friendly

It may also suggest that:

  • Your employer brand is viewed favorably
  • The job or jobs you’re advertising are in demand

About cost per application

Although there are occasional exceptions, a low cost per application (CPA) suggests some or all of the same contributing factors are present.

Why does it work this way? CPA is largely a function of supply and demand. When there are more candidates, the cost to acquire applications typically goes down.

This, of course, presumes best recruiting practices—your job ad resonates with candidates, you’re posting to job sites where your candidate audience is looking, and so forth.

Twice as insightful

Looking at both metrics provides a good snapshot of effectiveness.

Meanwhile, looking at these metrics for specific job functions highlights where individual ATS and CRM platforms are most successful.

Appcast’s role

Programmatic is all about leveraging technology and data for optimal outcomes. These outcomes include highest apply rate and lowest cost per application (CPA).

The Appcast programmatic recruitment advertising platform seamlessly integrates with leading candidate attraction platforms and job sites to deliver job applications and measure results.

The 2020 ATS Report: Application Process by Job Function draws on a wealth of system data, which was analyzed by Appcast Research.

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