June 24, 2020

Moving Those Big Rocks: Employer Brand Resources to Further Your Recruitment Priorities and Tactics Conversations

June 24, 2020

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During the June 9th webinar about agile recruiting, I referenced data from a variety of sources, and I mentioned that we would share these and other resources to help you as you have your priorities and tactics conversations.

We will stagger these out in the coming days. Today, here are links to information focused on supporting and measuring workplace transformation.

What Is Employer Branding?

Employer Brand Research 2020, Global Report, Randstad

Everything You Need to Know About Employer Branding, HubSpot

Mid-Pandemic: Hiring Needs and Employer Branding Practices, Appcast

What is an employer brand, and how can we develop an employment branding strategy?, SHRM

2020 Fortune 500 Employment Branding Report, WilsonHCG

Data Shows How Coronavirus Has Influenced Employer Branding, LinkedIn Talent Blog

Employer Branding Metrics

The 28 Employer Branding Statistics Your Company Must Know, EveryoneSocial

11 Employer Branding Metrics To Measure Success, Harver

The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics, LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Employer Branding Measurement and How It Can Maximize Your ROI, Human Resources Today

COVID-19 and the Impact on Employee Experience: 2020 Employer Branding Report, Human Resources Today

4 Steps to a Data-Driven Employer Brand, WilsonHCG

A Guide to Data-Driven Employer Branding, Undercover Recruiter

11 Employer Branding Metrics to Measure Success, Harver

Data-driven Employer Branding: The Benefits of Using Data, Universum

Employer Brand Index: Data-driven measurement of your company’s employer reputation, Link Humans

Online Reviews

Why Online Employer Reviews Are Crucial to Your Branding, Forbes

How to Manage Your Employer Brand on Glassdoor, Recruiterbox

How to Protect Your Employer Brand on Glassdoor, SHRM

How to Build an Employer Brand, Glassdoor for Employers


How Employee Referrals Can Impact Your Employer Brand, Undercover Recruiter

The Link Between Employer Branding & Employee Referrals, SmashFly 

The Secret Strategy for Increasing Employee Referrals, Recruiting.com

Why Should You Care About Your Employee Alumni?, Forbes

How To Transform Alumni Into Powerful Brand Advocates Who Attract Talent To Your Business, Enterprise Alumni

The Power of an Alumni Network, and 3 Reasons You Need to Consider One, TLNT

Top 5 ways Alumni can impact your employer brand, Blu Ivy

Why Companies Should Stay Connected with Ex-Employees, SHRM

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