November 6, 2020

Looking Down the Recruiting Funnel – How a Good Job Advertising Strategy Can Deliver Higher Candidate Quality

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November 6, 2020

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Remember when posting a job was as simple as copying and pasting a job description on the site that you felt was the ‘best’ for your job?

You’d post a job based on intuition or where you thought it might perform well. Or, you’d stay with the status quo and re-sign with your existing job board contacts to avoid the work associated with finding new or better providers.

It was only then (in the early 2000s) that we, as an industry, started expecting job sites to provide a clear, tangible return on investment from our recruitment vendors: clicks. And then, applicants in early 2014.

But, job advertising performance measurement data has been – and is continuing to evolve – yet again.

Closing the Goals Gap Between Employers & Job Sites

Now, metrics like “number of qualified applicants” and “number of hires” are the lifeblood with which hiring organizations must be making decisions around where they advertise their open jobs. With a third of your recruitment budget going toward job advertising, small changes in your job site selection will yield significant returns. Gone are the days of the chasm between job sites or job ad exchange and employers – job advertising is no longer a one-way street. 

Appcast has built Quality Connections with leading ATSs to track and optimize on the entire funnel of candidate interactions. With this type of relationship, employers and candidate providers alike can better measure job advertising performance. 

Uncovering Better Applicant Quality with Appcast

At Appcast, we are hard at work optimizing our customers’ job advertising by obtaining and leveraging this “down-funnel” data, as well as partnering with leading ATS providers to deliver these types of connections to their customers. Download our newly published ATS Performance Report here!

Down-funnel performance data, combined with a leading programmatic solution like Appcast, can drive improved applicant quality for employers at a lower cost, and allow for more time to focus on the best candidates in your pipeline.

You may ask, “how much of an impact can this make for me?” It depends on how fast an employer’s hiring process runs, also known as their time-to-hire, and how diverse their set of open roles are. Regardless, moving towards quality is a way to align your job advertising partners directly with your own efforts and measure against it. Even more importantly, this metric allows you to source the right number of candidates (and pay for less) while getting the best, most qualified ones first.

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