May 22, 2019

The Award for Lowest Cost-Per-Applicant and Highest Candidate Volume Goes to…

Tom Chevalier
VP, Product
May 22, 2019

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Have you ever wanted to know which job ad publishers have the best price and which sites have the most of the candidates you need?  

…well now you can! Appcast has analyzed many millions of sponsored clicks and applies from hundreds of leading U.S. employers to understand exactly how job ad publishers stack up within key job categories in two key areas: 1) cost-per-applicant (CPA), and 2) applicant volume.

You can download the full 2019 Publisher Ratings report here to learn about all the winners in each category.

Some notable wins include…

  • ZipRecruiter: Lowest CPA for jobs in Marketing, Human Resources, Engineering, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical, Accounting
  • Glassdoor: Lowest CPA for jobs in Restaurant, Retail, Customer Service
  • Appcast Exchange: Lowest CPA for jobs in Transportation, Technology, Manufacturing & Production
  • Snag: Lowest CPA for jobs in Sales and Administrative & Clerical
  • Nexxt: Lowest CPA for jobs in Healthcare
  • Indeed: Swept all industries in the highest applicant volume category


Selecting publishing partners based on these insights could help save significant budget and time for recruiters that are hoping to get the most from limited budgets. Now that the majority of recruitment media is bought on a performance basis, the impact of too many or too few clicks and applies on job ads can add up to be extremely costly. Also beware of potential perception bias: some of the leaders in this report may surprise you!

Bottom line – it’s important to keep an open mind when considering new publishers to add into your marketing mix, while also considering cutting out publishers that aren’t meeting your quality standards.

Get the full report to ensure that you’re allocating your budget toward the sources that will perform best for your needs, given your hiring needs.

Job categories highlighted in the report are:

    • Accounting
    • Administrative & Clerical
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
    • Customer Service
    • Engineering
    • Healthcare
    • Human Resources
    • Manufacturing & Production
    • Marketing
    • Restaurant
    • Retail
    • Sales
    • Technology
    • Transportation
 Download our full 2019 Publisher Ratings Report below!

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