July 6, 2021

How Programmatic Software Can Maximize Job Advertising Budgets

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July 6, 2021

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Data is essential to making decisions about job advertising budget allocation.

Programmatic recruitment software helps employers gain visibility into job advertising budget performance, ultimately eliminating wasted spend, and improving return on investment. Recruitment teams could manually perform the tasks of posting jobs, taking them down, adjusting bids, tracking application totals, etc., but programmatic software automates these tasks – and empowers recruiting professionals to make informed budget allocation decisions.

Let’s dive into some examples…

If a company has a recruiting budget of $2,000/month or higher, it’s likely there is some type of wasted spend in that budget. There are many reasons why the budget isn’t used as efficiently as it could be. Some examples include:

  • A surplus of candidate applications for certain jobs
  • Too few candidate applications for certain jobs
  • Advertising on low-performing job boards
  • Investing too much budget on low priority jobs and not enough budget on high priority jobs
  • Incorrect or low-performing job titles

Let’s look at how an industrial manufacturing company optimized their budget with a programmatic recruiting approach.

An industrial company based in the Midwest was spending $3,500/month on industry-leading job sites. They continually invested more money on these job sites in the hope that it would help them acquire more candidate applications. Using Appcast’s programmatic recruitment software, they reallocated the budget when they realized that too much money was being spent on low priority, easy-to-fill jobs. The shift in strategy unlocked significant changes:

  • Before budget optimization: 568 applications per month at $3,500 for an average $6.16 CPA
  • After budget optimization: 915 applications per month at $3,021 for an average $3.30 CPA

A simple change to the company’s job advertising strategy resulted in 61% more candidates per month at a savings of approximately $6,000 annually, all thanks to data and programmatic recruitment software.

To learn more about programmatic recruitment and get started today, visit: https://www.appcast.io/what-is-programmatic-recruitment/.

This blog was originally published on the Haley Marketing website.

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