Leah Daniels
Leah Daniels, SVP of Strategy

Highlights from Talent Acquisition Week

February 11, 2020 at 02:36 PM — Post

The Talent Acquisition Week event was hosted on January 28th out in San Francisco and sponsored by ATAP. Appcast was invited to present insights from our annual recruitment marketing benchmark report and share how companies can use this data to inform decisions and influence change within their respective organizations.

I was thrilled to engage with attendees during the Recruitment Advertising that Leverages Current Market Data, an Impactful Strategy, and the Right Technology session, and discussed how recruiting professionals can impact key opportunities that gain more value from recruitment advertising dollars.

Below is a summary of the themes discussed and the key takeaways you need to know.

  • Before you do anything, baseline your recruitment marketing data. Check out this white paper to get started.
  • Recruiters can do more to squeeze more efficiency out of job ads by getting smarter with titles. Shorter is always better, but more importantly, “think like a candidate” is the most important mantra.
clicks and apply rate by job title length
  • Recruiters must do more to understand the market conditions, as well as variances in the type of job and location from which you wish to recruit. To learn more, download our annual benchmark report.
  • The use of the mobile device is ubiquitous and continues to rise. Understanding the impact of candidates applying for jobs on their mobile devices can help you push for improvements in your mobile application process, while also preparing for changes in costs that are required to properly reach the number of candidates you need to meet your hiring goals.
  • Work towards a ‘center of excellence’ to standardize, streamline, and scale recruitment marketing best practices. As recruiting relies increasingly on collecting and understanding data, you need a centralized team to analyze trends in the data and leverage it to your advantage to reach recruiting targets.
  • Understand the impact of the length of your application process and how shortening it can help you drive more applications.
  • Leverage programmatic technology to eliminate the black hole; it helps organizations get candidates across more jobs by using software and data to identify the right price for the candidates you need.

Thanks to everyone who joined the session! 

To learn more about how to use data and automation to reach your hiring goals, please reach out to us!

Good luck!