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Appcast Delivers Increased Applicant Volume & Brand Exposure for Signify Health

Results at a Glance:
About Signify Health

Founded in 2017, Signify Health is a leading healthcare platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks to power the success of hundreds of payor and provider clients. Recently acquired by a Fortune 50 company, Signify now employs over 2,000 professionals across the U.S. and continues to expand at a rapid rate. 

When Signify came to Appcast, they were hoping to find a recruitment marketing partner that would allow them to scale their advertising across more than the same few channels. They also wanted a world-class solution that would match their own values: technology and analytics-driven, with industry experts that could ensure they would meet their talent acquisition needs as they grew.

“Prior to working with Appcast, we had a different partner in place and were not able to run a diversified market approach because they didn’t have the expertise we needed from a Search, Display, or Social standpoint. And while many recruiting strategies rely primarily on leading job boards, having a singular approach is just not a winning strategy.”

– Jennifer Gere, VP of Talent Acquisition, Signify Health


In addition to maintaining applicant volume for their provider roles (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical doctors), Signify was focused on two initiatives early in their relationship with Appcast: 

  1. They were beginning expansion into their first international market in Galway, Ireland, where they had minimal brand visibility and competition for software engineer and product roles from other leading tech employers

  2. Their website traffic was not converting into the applicants they needed, meaning wasted spend and time for their Talent Acquisition team 

Search & Display Pillar: In addition to close collaboration with their Appcast account team & SEM (search engine marketing) experts, Signify primarily leveraged Google campaigns and remarketing to drive an increase in applicants for their provider roles, as well as for software engineer roles in the Galway market. Appcast also partnered with Signify to audit their website and, using machine learning and market research, develop an ad optimization strategy to improve conversions  

Social Pillar: Signify’s Appcast team ran ad campaigns across social media channels including Facebook in order to generate brand awareness in the Galway market. Campaigns were continuously refined with targeting tactics and creative variations. Digital Radio was also leveraged to reach tech talent that may be listening to music while coding, for example. 

Centralized, Real-Time Analytics: the Signify team had 24/7 access to a real-time dashboard with the reporting metrics they cared about most. This meant that they were able to ask the right questions at the right time, with the Appcast team there to provide unmatched expertise every step of the way.

“Opening up our office in Galway was a real challenge, particularly because the talent market was unfamiliar with our brand and we were competing with some of the biggest players in tech. With Appcast, we were able to get in front of everyone we wanted to, our brand recognition has been incredible, and our rate of applicants per hire has blown me away."

Jennifer Gere, VP of Talent Acquisition, Signify Health


Software Engineer Roles in Galway, Ireland:  

  • Increased Lead Volume: 118% increase in lead volume (apply starts) after incorporating Display Ads and YouTube campaigns 
  • Improved Cost Efficiency: 29% decrease in average cost-per-lead with introduction of Display Ads and YouTube campaigns  
  • New Market Reached: 5.2 million impressions captured over a 12-month period with launch of Facebook and Digital Radio ads 

Provider Roles:  

  • Increased Apply Volume: 25% increase in conversions while maintaining the same cost-per-application after the first month of introducing Google Performance Max campaigns 
“One of the many things I appreciate about our partnership with Appcast is that their team is really in the trenches with us. They will tenaciously help us solve the recruitment marketing challenges we run into until we find the answer that’s going to deliver results for us... You don’t have to be the biggest fish in the ocean to get the right level of expertise to run campaigns effectively.”

Jennifer Gere, VP of Talent Acquisition, Signify Health

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