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Appcast Helps engin Fuel Hiring in Emerging Industries

Appcast helps Engin with Programmatic Recruitment
Partnership at-a-glance:
About engin

Since early 2021, engin has skyrocketed teams to success in emerging industries with its human-focused recruiting software and management system. Their platform helps companies recruit smarter, hire faster, and retain talent longer.

  • To help meet its customers’ hiring goals, engin needed a way to further increase application volume in addition to its proprietary talent marketplace without losing candidate quality.
  • With a background in high-volume recruiting, Ben Kogelman, solutions architect at engin, recognized the need to incorporate paid job advertising to obtain a more diverse applicant pool and meet the application demands of their customers.
  • Data-driven job ad distribution: Appcast helps engin deliver an optimal balance between application quantity and quality to its customers by intelligently placing job ads in front of hireable candidates.
  • Geographic targeting helps engin attract qualified candidates to jobs in its customer’s specific hiring markets—even niche ones.
  • Granular data & reporting: The insights available in the Appcast platform enable engin to continuously optimize (via A/B tests) to achieve the most effective strategies.
  • Having the ability to configure campaigns helps engin drive costs down and conversion rates up for its customers by setting rules around budget and application bids. 
  • The collaborative partnership with Appcast helps engin understand the ins and outs of their programmatic tech to execute strategies that meet the customer’s goals, including increased application volume and conversion rates while attracting hard-to-reach candidates. 
  • As engin’s client base has grown, Appcast has supported engin’s growing job demand. In doing so, Appcast has helped increase engin’s application volume 3x since the partnership began.
  • Within 5 months of partnering with Appcast, engin drove its monthly average CPA down by ~60%. Through ongoing tweaks and strategies deployed in collaboration with the Appcast team, engin has successfully maintained a steady CPA range.
  • A 2x increase in conversion rate occurred within that same 5-month timeframe.
“Appcast has really helped us tread that critical balance between quantity and quality to ensure we are delivering both to our clients.” 

–  Ben Kogelman, Solutions Architect, engin sciences

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