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Challenger Motor Freight Increases Driver Candidate Volume by 2X With Appcast

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About Challenger Motor Freight

Challenger Motor Freight is a North American leader in the supply chain industry and the largest privately owned transportation and logistics company in Canada. Offering a full range of transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution services, Challenger employs more than 2,000 people and operates over 1,500 trucks and 3,300 trailers. Since 1975 Challenger has been consistently recognized by its customers and within the industry for outstanding quality of services, and they continue to strive to surpass customer expectations.

When Challenger came to Appcast, they were looking to centralize their driver recruitment marketing to make sure their advertising dollars were being spent as efficiently as possible. Only having worked directly with major job boards prior to Appcast, they weren’t sure what to expect with a programmatic approach.

“It’s scary to make the change from managing job boards to programmatic advertising. You give control to someone else, and you have to trust them with your spend. But I took a chance on something new, and things have been running great ever since.”

– Paul Weatherbie, Marketing Communications Manager, Challenger Motor Freight

  • High advertising costs across multiple sources was not driving the driver candidate pipeline needed to meet customer demand 
  • Lack of transparency into job ad performance meant missed opportunities to optimize for success and wasted spend
  • Hours lost managing individual job board relationships and aggregating disjointed reporting 
“When you have individual relationships with major job boards, you never know what you’re going to get no matter how much you spend. You may get in front of job seekers, or you may not. With Appcast, we’ve lowered our overall spend and improved the number of applicants coming in significantly.”

Paul Weatherbie, Marketing Communications Manager, Challenger Motor Freight

  • AppcastOne Programmatic: After starting with the AppcastOne Programmatic solution and seeing an increase in candidate volume in just one month, Challenger made the decision to funnel their full job advertising budget solely through Appcast rather than working directly with major job boards. 
  • White Glove Support from Industry Experts: Challenger’s Appcast team closely monitors their sponsored jobs and pulls all the right levers to ensure the best possible ROI. They also leverage market insights from their Premium team to adjust job descriptions and titles for maximum candidate engagement.  
  • Real-Time, Centralized Reporting: The ability to see exactly where their advertising dollars are being spent, performance trends, and how that translates into conversions (i.e., candidates) has allowed Challenger to be confident they’ll meet hiring needs and if not, can understand why and pivot accordingly. 
“The Appcast Team is always available whenever I need them. I send an email when we need to focus on a particular role, and within a day or two we’re seeing meaningful results. It’s efficient and it’s easy.”

Paul Weatherbie, Marketing Communications Manager, Challenger Motor Freight

  • 2X increase in apply rate overall for Challenger’s driver roles 
  • 10% decrease in Challenger’s average monthly job advertising spend 
  • Given their success with Appcast, Challenger plans to bring their parent company into the fold in the hopes that they will see the same increased candidate volume and ROI

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