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AmeriPro reaches Millions of Candidates with Creative, Programmatic Recruiting Approach

Ameripro and Appcast
Results at a Glance:

Growing pains

AmeriPro is the market leader in exterior home repair and storm restoration. Their training and development programs have helped AmeriPro become one of the fastest-growing home inspection companies in the nation. Since the organizations start in 2000, they’ve grown to supporting over 100,000 customers nationwide, further changing the face of the storm restoration industry.

Attaining this rapid company growth is impressive, albeit challenging. Nick Rosynek, Director of Marketing and Recruiting at AmeriPro, tasked with finding candidates to fill open roles in 20 offices across 13 states nationwide, needed a tool that would distribute his job advertising in front of as many potential candidates as possible. Rosynek had invested heavily in job sites and other traditional recruitment advertising sources, but a critical element was missing: applicant volume. Rosynek found himself locked into expensive contracts with sources that couldn’t guarantee to deliver the number of applicants that would match the trajectory of their business and continue driving it forward.

When Appcast approached him with a programmatic recruiting tool that would reach candidates from a network of over 10,000 sites, he was intrigued. With the help of Appcast’s strategic collaboration, Rosynek set out to understand how casting a wide net across the internet, from one recruiting solution, would deliver better results (P.S. – to learn more, check out What is Programmatic Job Advertising?)

Setting up a steady pipeline of sales professionals

The growth of AmeriPro’s business is primarily driven by sales professionals. “Our sales representatives are responsible for everything from the first point of contact with a potential client to when the contract for our services is signed,” Rosynek said. “And we’ve found various types of candidates with diverse skill sets, qualifications and backgrounds to be extremely successful in this role.”

For Rosynek’s high-turnover sales roles, it was essential that he maintain consistent access to a large talent pool of candidates he could hire. Appcast allowed Rosynek to keep his high-demand jobs turned on at all times, allowing a steady flow of applicants to fall on his desk. Alternatively, during Rosynek’s slower seasons, he could shut off the tool, rather than wasting budget on candidates he wouldn’t need.

A better job advertising experience saves time, budget

This ‘as needed’ approach to recruiting proved monumental in saving Rosynek time, budget, and resources. Managing new office openings during the organization’s biggest period of growth left Rosynek with limited time to effectively manage and post his open roles across different sources. Appcast’s programmatic job advertising algorithms could identify relevant candidates for AmeriPro – based on the rules that Rosynek set – and then serve them ads, wherever they were browsing the web.

Appcast’s integration with his applicant tracking system, Newton Software, helped him gain further insights into the performance of his recruitment advertising efforts. ‘I don’t have the time and resources to seek out data,‘ Rosynek stated. ‘Having Appcast fully integrated into our ATS is key. Anything we see reporting in our ATS, we take with weight.’

Better applicant volume supports more quality hires

Since the beginning of AmeriPro’s partnership with Appcast, the solution has been a key driver in supporting the company’s 300% growth. Since getting started with Appcast in 2017, applicant volume has doubled for AmeriPro (formerly ADHI), and Rosynek has been consistently getting candidates for an average $11.50. Appcast’s strategic account management team worked with Rosynek to develop market-driven rules and expansion tactics to increase the volume of candidates that they were reaching and gain access to more qualified talent. Continuing this operation in 2018, AmeriPro is set to expand another large branch of their business and open 7 new locations.

Most importantly, with Appcast, Rosynek now has more control over the ebb and flow of his recruiting. He can flex his monthly budget when it makes sense for their business needs, while conversely, can lower his job advertising costs when they are not actively recruiting. For a growing company, as they’re scaling up, Appcast serves as a partner that’s been able to scale up with them, at no pre-investment risk.

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