September 13, 2023

Candidates Are Searching Right Back

Megan Weinert
Megan Weinert
Director of SEM
September 13, 2023

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Recruitment marketing has never been as simple as 1, 2, 3… post. Finding the perfect candidate is a mix of strategy, image, perseverance, and frankly, a bit of luck! Searching for the right candidate can take some time, but the right candidate is searching for you right back! While there’s no single, short and sweet secret to securing the best candidate, getting the right candidate to actually see your job is a good start. Since 70% of job seekers start their search on Google, integrating search into your recruitment strategy will help you widen your funnel and find the best candidates. How can you do so?   

Not All Candidates are Active Equally   

In a tight labor market, becoming top of mind for candidates is now a priority. One way to do so? Get your jobs in front of them early in their search. Before a candidate goes full-on searching, they often test the waters with a quick Google search. If their “jobs near me” search lists your position, your company and job will become top of mind for this new candidate: the mid-funnel job seeker.  

When used with programmatic job advertising, search can expand the impact of your job ad, widening the funnel to include not only those bottom-of-the-funnel candidates but building awareness with the mid-funnel candidates. Mid-funnel candidates are active job seekers too (of course, they’re searching!) but they may not be so committed to the search as their more active peers – yet.  

Now, that mid-funnel candidate will probably not apply immediately after seeing a job ad. After all, 88% of job seekers coming from online sources are using mobile devices. Your search strategy needs to reflect that. When job seekers click on your mobile ads, they aren’t going to have their resumes on their phones or be prepared to list references. Instead of missing out on applications, just ask for their contact information. Ask for their first name, last name, email address, phone number and the recruiting team can immediately contact them. With one lead generation form, they are now immediately in contact with somebody who is interested in the job. Improve the candidate experience and create more leads for recruiters at the same time!  

Those leads can easily turn into applications down the line with the right communication from your recruiting team. A personalized targeting strategy following this first touch will keep your company at the top of the candidate’s mind as their job search expands.  

Why Is Search Good for your Recruitment Funnel?  

Job seekers are increasingly considering their options before applying and are now checking five (or more!) online sources before committing to an application. It is not enough to have your positions lined up on job boards. Job seekers are searching around and more often than not, their path isn’t linear: starting on Google, checking out Glassdoor, viewing the career website. Each site represents a different part of the recruitment funnel that other channels can’t fill. The mid-funnel candidates, especially, make strong leads that easily turn into hires.  

Recruiters can lose focus of the candidate journey if they get too focused on the end goal. Creating leads and nurturing your entire funnel helps recruiters work more efficiently and will create candidates that are more connected to your brand and your open opportunities. 

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