August 13, 2021

A Solution to Today’s Recruiting Madness

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Paula Santonocito
August 13, 2021

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Let’s just say it. This is a crazy time to be in talent acquisition. A record number of job openings and many workers still on the sidelines have created a conundrum / dilemma / challenge.

Call the situation what you will, the results are the same. Although it defies logic, candidates remain in short supply. And this unusual labor market has put you in an untenable position. You’re blowing through your budget in an effort to fill open roles, while trying to explain to senior management that you’re up against forces bigger than your limited resources can handle.

Recruiting today certainly requires a much different approach than it once did. You need skills and knowledge that, quite frankly, you may not have or have the time to acquire. And anyway, aren’t you supposed to be acquiring candidates?

If this sounds like your working life, it may be time to get some help. It’s out there, and it can make a difference.

Why not consider an enterprise programmatic managed service?

Advantages of an enterprise programmatic managed service include:

  • Technology capabilities and data you may not have access to;
  • Tech know-how you and your staff may not have;
  • Data analysis skills you and your staff lack; and
  • Time you and your staff don’t have.

Programmatic recruitment technology provides access to data, but an equally valuable part of an enterprise programmatic managed service is the management piece. It allows your company to rely on subject matter experts to dive into the details and quickly connect the dots. This is especially beneficial in a highly competitive labor market.

Companies that use an enterprise programmatic management service cite numerous benefits. Some of these are detailed in the Appcast whitepaper How to Use Data and Insights to Make Better Recruitment Advertising Decisions.

The paper also shares real-life examples of the power of data and how it can make your working life easier.

Hint: It’s the insights that allow the investment. Download the paper to learn more.

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