September 25, 2019

Driving More Clicks from Better Context: 5 Data-Backed Tips For Better Job Ads

Katrina Kibben
CEO, Three Ears Media
September 25, 2019

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Maximizing your job advertising budget is only one part click. It’s a big part context, too.

I lived on a very tight budget during my first year after college. I was living ramen to ramen, not paycheck to paycheck. I remember buying business casual clothes after some feedback that I was “under-dressed” compared to my peers. 

I had a job, but I would have made more money folding clothes in a shopping mall when I was 18 than I made sitting in that strip mall holding my shiny [read: expensive] degree. Like most kids fresh out of school, I told myself it was a “stepping stone” every week as I tried to cobble together enough money for rent, groceries, student loans, car payments, and every other adult expense. Each was a weekly reminder that growing up is overrated and expensive. 

After a few months of dipping into my shrinking savings, I started to optimize my budget. I read articles about the most affordable foods, and I would eat them until I could not look at them. I’m talking to you, spinach. I would coupon – and this was long before it was something you could do on your phone. I cut every extra expense and even tutored someone in math. I suck at math, poor kid. 

I read every blog and tested all the advice. I made it work and even started to save some money. I learned a lot in the process that I still use today. Lucky for me, even a decade ago the information on saving money was plentiful. 

Today, there are more than 5 million different search results to offer advice on personal budgeting. However, when it comes to optimizing recruitment advertising budgets, the tactics aren’t always so clear. 

When looking at your available recruitment not always obvious how (or why) you should make changes when it comes to something as tactical and technical as job advertising. 

First, job advertising is oftentimes just one piece of a bigger recruiting operation. It’s easy to question “will tactical changes to my job ads yield considerable returns?”

Second, there’s a ton of advice from people in the industry. Who do you trust?  

[Hint: It rhymes with Appcast.] 

Third, there are nuances to job advertising from industry to application rates, and it’s hard to write a realistic plan, let alone set a baseline for success.  

Here’s the real kicker: a job ad click is just the surface of what we can optimize. We can look even deeper than the click to see if we’re connecting with candidates or even speaking the same language. That was the theme of my webinar with the Appcast team. We took a deeper dive into their research to uncover 5 lessons and tactics you can use to upgrade and improve your job postings.

If you’ve thought, “oh updating my job postings can wait,” this one’s for you. We tackled the data, the lessons, and the tactics. For every piece of data, I covered the lesson learned and a tactic you can use to make a tangible improvement on your job content. You’ll learn how to upgrade your content to optimize your budget and build a business case for getting it right, while also telling a better story. 

You can watch the webinar replay here!


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