September 27, 2023

Traditional Media Remains a Key Part of Modern Recruitment Marketing 

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Liz Anderson
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September 27, 2023

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A recruitment strategy can be called several things, but simple is not one of them. Even though programmatic redefined the world of recruiting, and search and social strategies can improve your top-of-funnel and passive candidate reach, rounding out the entire funnel requires a more… traditional approach.  

So, what are these traditional channels that defined the world of recruiting long before all the latest, greatest advancements? These traditional channels – like job board branding solutions, recruiter seats, and even billboards – are excellent ways to reach a broader audience. Promoting your job ads and brand via traditional media will ensure you’re getting the right candidates, at the right moment. 

The New Traditional is Here 

We know that recruiting is not easy. Promoting your job ads doesn’t start and end with programmatic. Defining and promoting your employer brand doesn’t just mean getting your socials in order. And expanding your job ad’s reach isn’t always complete by implementing a search strategy. Recent advancements in these channels have not reinvented the recruiting wheel, just added new spokes.  

The world of recruiting has changed, but many of the classic tactics are still relevant. Appcast’s new definition of traditional accounts for these changes and includes the channels that were once the backbone of online recruiting. Traditional media includes management of recruitment marketing vendors, including recruiter seats and resume access, as well as truly classic job advertising practices, like billboards and print ads. Harnessing the power of traditional media allows you to find the right candidates at the right time, no matter if they are online or the last person on earth without a phone. For instance, with programmatic changing the game, managing your job board relationships can feel cumbersome at times, but these sites cannot be ignored. This “traditional” definition includes that management, along with so much more: recruiter seats, resume access, career pages, and all recruitment marketing vendor offerings.  

Rounding out your recruiting strategy to include these “new” traditional methods will help expand your reach to find the right candidate for the job. Using the methods listed above and more will help improve talent pools for your hardest-to-fill jobs. Traditional marketing can work very well, but managing all these different aspects can be a challenge.  

And True Traditional Will Remain Relevant  

Though the goal posts have shifted in recent years on what exactly “traditional” means in recruiting, the new traditional still includes those timeless favorites. You will never be able to reach every job seeker with one method, so harnessing the power of billboards, print, and physical advertisements is often a necessity. Printed ads support and ramp up your existing strategy. For instance, if you’re opening a new storefront in a specific community, driving community members towards your jobs may be easier with a billboard. 

No matter how advancements transform this market, there will always be candidates that respond to these more traditional approaches to hiring. 

Why Is Traditional Media Good for your Recruitment Funnel?

Likely, what we consider traditional media is already a part of your recruitment strategy. But thinking of it more strategically, and in conjuncture with these other channels, can reignite your efforts. Traditional media rounds out the recruitment strategy made up by search, social, and programmatic. Just like those other channels, traditional media tactics will help you get your jobs in front of the right people. The tools inside our traditional definition build off social and search’s success with passive candidates and reaches parts of the internet that even programmatic cannot touch. A complete recruitment strategy will get your jobs in front of everyone – your funnel will be filled to the brim with both passive and active candidates.  

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