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Featured Tool – Inline Bid Manager

November 12, 2018 at 02:30 PM

What is it? Now live in Clickcast is the addition of an inline bid management tool. On the Clickcast activity page by campaign view, customers can change their bids and budgets directly within their current workflow. Inline Bid-Manager is a more intuitive, productive way for advertisers to make educated bidding & budget management decisions within Clickcast, across all their campaigns.

Why use it? Inline bid management gives Clickcast customers the ability to make faster bid updates (CPC & CPA), adjust monthly or weekly budgets, and disable publishers directly within the activity page. Given that bid-management is a large part of an advertisers’ day-to-day operation, the ability to edit bids & budgets all from the Clickcast activity tab alongside publisher performance data, is a valuable, time-saving tool.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Filtering options include: all traffic, organic traffic or sponsored traffic.
  • Inline bid manager is available for Clickcast Enterprise users.
  • One campaign can be expanded at a time.
  • Inline bid manager columns include: bidding, IO budget, monthly budget, weekly budget.


Navigating Inline Bid Manager

Click on the Campaign name to view the Edit Campaign options. Advertisers will then see all active publishers with their performance information, according to the date range, with inline editing. Once all changes have been made, the advertiser must click save for all new settings to go into effect.

Inline editing is currently available for performance media campaigns. Inline bidding is not yet displayed for other ad units, such as slots or postings.

To enable additional publishers for campaigns, advertisers must review the bids and budget page.