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[Now Live] New Feature: Campaign Rules

November 12, 2018 at 02:45 PM

What is it? Now live in Clickcast is a new, advanced campaigning capability. With Campaign Rules, Clickcast advertisers can set rules to stop spending on a campaign once it’s received a certain number of clicks or applies across all jobs in the campaign. For example, with Campaign Rules, Clickcast advertisers can maximize the results driven from their campaigns to deliver X number of clicks or applies to an entire campaign during any given week or month. When the total number of clicks or applies from the jobs in the campaign reach the designated limit, jobs will be removed from export for the remainder of the time period.

Why use it? This is a powerful feature that unlocks the ability to optimize and control budgets at the campaign level, rather than just at the individual job level. Specifically for campaigns that consist primarily of evergreen jobs or easy-to-fill jobs, setting campaign rules gives Clickcast advertisers the ability to not only limit excessive spending on a group of jobs, but make their budget go further by reallocating that saved spend to the campaigns that need more traffic.

Clickcast Campaign Rules

Clickcast advertisers can find Campaign Rules in Advanced Rules under the Rules tab. Each chosen campaign rule metric can be used only once on a weekly or monthly basis.

The ability to turn on rules for campaigns is now available to all Clickcast customers.