April 7, 2021

New Research Findings Reaffirm Importance of D&I Initiatives

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April 7, 2021

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For the past year, Appcast has been heavily focused on helping hiring organizations recruit talent with attention to diversity and inclusion.

We have several resources in our library that provide assistance:

Now, new research from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) , a leading global consulting firm, The Network, a global alliance of more than 60 leading recruitment websites, and Appcast finds that corporate diversity and inclusion efforts have a major impact on job seekers’ perception of an organization as a possible place to work.

The research, detailed in an Appcast report about U.S. job seekers, finds that when searching for a job, a majority of workforce participants, 51%, would exclude companies that don’t match their beliefs in diversity and inclusion. For people under 30, the number jumps to 56%. Globally, the number is 51.4%.

Diversity and inclusion is not a new issue – it has been a barometer for U.S. job seekers for several years – but arguably the death of George Floyd has heightened awareness and encouraged social responsibility.

Research suggests this is likely. A full 63% of U.S. workforce participants say that the issue of diversity and inclusion has become more important over the last year. For people under 30, the number is 72%. Globally, the number is 68.7%.

Is your organization committed to diversity and inclusion? Do you share this commitment with employees and job seekers? As important, do you walk the talk?

Your ability to recruit and hire may depend on it.

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