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Informatica Reaches Beyond Silicon Valley to Grow Talent Pipeline

Client's Challenges

  • Competing with tech giants for engineering and R&D talent 
  • Finding enough sources of candidates that could produce applicant pipeline required for R&D roles
  • Boosting brand awareness & employer brand strategies to reach candidates who understand software, infrastructure & the hybrid/cloud data management space

Appcast's Solution

  • Deeper reach for potential candidates within the Appcast network of 10,000+ sites
  • Advertising on non-traditional channels that specialize in the R&D skills they need
  • Spending budget more confidently with programmatic job advertising by setting rules that aligned to spend and timing constraints

Results Driven

  • Eliminated the manual effort of posting jobs, allowing recruiters to focus on sourcing and screening
  • Visibility into performance metrics they need to better evaluate vendors
  • Achieved average cost-per-applicant of $13.51, upon which future performance can be tracked

Standing out in Silicon Valley is tough

As the only Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader that accelerates data-driven digital transformation, Informatica enables companies to unleash the power of data to become more agile, realize new growth opportunities, and lead to new inventions resulting in intelligent market disruptions. It’s easy to see why R&D drives a lot of the company’s growth due to the nature of the work they do.

Jeremy Bushaw, VP of Global Talent Acquisition, is at the forefront of supporting that growth through management of a team of 32 recruiters in four global regions.  With hiring expected to more than double for 2018, he needs to ensure he has the team, tools and analytics for peak recruiting performance.

What’s even more challenging than finding highly specialized talent for engineering and R&D roles? Competing with the largest technology brands in the world for that talent. The cost per hire of software engineers is high. Informatica needed to build more brand presence among potential candidates and look outside of the places and spaces where the tech giants dominate the talent pool.

Building a Foundation for Success

Partnering very closely with his Appcast Account Manager to ensure that his hiring needs and recruitment advertising goals were clearly articulated, Jeremy was able to set up a number of rules and campaigns that would align to those objectives and support an open job roster of 160 positions at any given time. “It’s been a phenomenal story late last quarter and into the beginning of this year; we’ve taken the manual effort out of posting jobs, with Appcast.” This would prove to be a major efficiency improvement for Informatica as they grew and required more R&D professionals ‘ “I look at Appcast as a direct way to put specific outreach and marketing to targeted jobs,” Jeremy shares.

More Applicants, More Data, More Time!

After Jeremy and his Appcast team worked on setting up their Appcast account, he immediately saw results reflected in their work:

“Appcast has given us a much wider net for us to socialize and advertise our jobs; we’re reaching out into these non-traditional channels that we previously weren’t reaching.” This has allowed Informatica to fill those roles that are difficult to fill as a result of their competition with bigger, more well-known brands and they’ve seen an average cost-per-applicant of $13.51 on an apply rate of 6.1%, which provides the foundation to monitor future performance.

Informatica now has the data to begin benchmarking their recruitment advertising metrics (i.e. apply-to-hire ratio, number of applicants and qualified applicants and associated costs, etc.) and with that, have also created a vendor scorecard that allows them to understand and evaluate performance to ensure they are spending budget most effectively and being more transparent with vendors to drive better performance.  How has this evolved Jeremy’s day-to-day recruitment operation? “I can now say, as a head of recruitment, this is how we need to be spending our money.”

The last outcome is the benefit realized from time savings through programmatic automation – the recruiters at Informatica no longer spend time manually posting jobs or going to traditional job boards to comb through databases – they are able to focus on applicants and sourcing.  This value of time saved means Jeremy’s team is equipped to take on this year’s full-speed hiring among the Silicon Valley behemoths in the most efficient and effective way possible. “We have a strong partnership and alignment of the rules-based engine behind Appcast; we don’t even need to take the time to look at it. We set the rules and it performs based on what we need.” For Informatica, building a strong foundation with Appcast from the beginning is shaping their future for powerful recruitment.