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Recruiting in 2023: How to Prepare For a Not So Typical Recession

The UK is slipping into recession, which will be uncharted waters for many recruiters. Is it time to buckle up and prepare for the…

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2020 Midyear Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Download our new report, 2020 Midyear Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report, to learn the…
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Moving Those Big Rocks: Data-Driven Initiatives Resources to Further Your Recruitment Priorities and Tactics Conversations

During the June 9th webinar about agile recruiting, I referenced data from a…
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Agile Recruiting: A data-driven method to prioritize in the face of change

Watch the webinar “Agile Recruiting: A data-driven method to prioritize in the face of change” to learn a new data-driven method for recruiting!
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Unleash the power of data to improve recruiting performance

Being a data-driven recruiter is hard. It’s more than just collecting and reporting…
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How to Use the Appcast Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Every year, Appcast, like many other companies, releases an annual benchmark report that…

How to Use the Appcast Benchmark Report

Download this whitepaper to collect the tools that you need in order to…
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Four Takeaways from the Appcast Benchmark Report

Every year, we receive this fantastic report from Appcast, which is titled the Recruitment…
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How to Get the Most from Your Recruitment Data

Dr. John Sullivan suggests that 30% of top recruiting organizations have made data-driven…

A Guide to Measuring, Reading and Understanding Your Recruitment Data

Download this whitepaper in order to learn the data-driven strategies to set your…