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Appcast Helps AccentCare Unlock the Key to Hiring Quality Talent at the organisation’s Lowest Cost-Per-Hire Benchmark

Results at a Glance:

AccentCare is a national leader in post-acute home healthcare services, and provides services to 80,000 patients and clients each year. To make their operation fulfill its mission, the company staffs and supports over 19,000 dedicated healthcare professionals across 140 different offices nationwide.

“As an enterprise-level organisation, we receive calls from vendors looking to sell us an expensive tool or big job advertising contract every single day,” says Steve Alexander, Director of Talent Acquisition at AccentCare. And for most recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, this is the norm. With the thousands of job advertising options available in today’s market, it’s not easy to know what will deliver returns.

Appcast initially stood out to Alexander because he knew that a pay-per-applicant pricing model would be low risk – and potentially, high reward.

After a quick integration with his applicant tracking system, Alexander started sponsoring his hard-to-fill jobs in AccentCare’s most challenging California markets from inside his employer dashboard.

In just a few weeks, Appcast had driven several quality applicants in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego that were hired instantly. After that, Alexander had performance data to support continuing using Appcast as a major source of candidate traffic.

Alexander still finds Appcast’s campaign management tools both easy and effective. He separates all of his hardest-to-fill roles (RN’s, RN Case Managers, PT’s, and OT’s) into different campaigns based on priority level or location, so that he can optimise his advertising spend to reach his desired cost-per-applicant for each one. With this functionality, AccentCare’s team doesn’t have to worry about wasting job advertising spend on easier-to-fill roles like Administrative Specialists or Medical Record Clerks.

Making these spending decisions is easy for Alexander and his team from inside Appcast’s employer dashboard. “From an analytics standpoint, understanding the performance of my job ads inside Appcast is easy… very functional and practical,” stated Tricia Lavender, Talent Attraction Manager.

Appcast continues to be a leading source of applicants for the AccentCare talent acquisition team. Candidates sourced by Appcast that were also hired set the lowest cost-per-hire benchmark for AccentCare, out-performing traditional job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. With a continued collaborative approach to job advertising, Appcast and AccentCare have hit a stride in finding quality applicants and outperforming their other advertising sources every month.

“For our organisation, volume is not impressive, as it’s merely a roll of the dice,” Alexander explained. “Filling empty healthcare roles is very expensive. With Appcast, we’ve paid only for stellar customer service, and high-quality candidates that we can hire.”

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