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Appcast Helps Molecula Grow Software Development Teams Quickly and Confidently

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Since starting to work together in 2021, Appcast has helped Molecula – an operational AI company – attract the highly qualified candidates needed to effectively fill in-demand tech and engineering roles.

Molecula is an operational AI company that enables businesses to deploy real-time analytics in their applications through a highly optimiseddatabase platform. To effectively deliver its cutting-edge solutions, the company requires top-flight software developers, cloud engineers, and other in-demand tech professionals. Attracting suitable talent with the right skill-set and experience is a tall order in the best of times. During difficult hiring climates, the task can feel almost impossible.

In early 2021, Molecula was having trouble sourcing the talent required to take their business to the next level. Since working with Appcast, they have optimisedtheir end-to-end hiring and added many new tech professionals to their team.

Take a look at their journey below.

Hitting growth targets with confidence

One of the major problems facing Molecula was a low volume of candidates relative to the company’s hiring needs, making it incredibly difficult to hit internal growth targets. The company was delivering results for their clients, but they lacked the inbound candidate interest to attract suitable talent that would continue to help Molecula grow. Prior to their Appcast demo in June, they were receiving around only 10 inbound applications from candidates per week, with the majority not meeting minimum requirements and some being completely irrelevant. This wasn’t going to cut it for a company with an internal growth goal to triple the size of it’s organization by the end of 2022. 

Molecula needed a 10x boost in inbound candidate interest in order to grow the company by 3X within the calendar year. This wasn’t feasible using their then-current recruitment process, a lot of manual sourcing, and a careers page on their website.

Appcast’s programmatic recruitment solution unlocked a better path forward

As a tech company specializing in optimizing data for decision making and AI, Molecula recognized the importance of efficiency. Right off the bat, they knew that they didn’t want to hire multiple recruiters to help source and bring in software developers and engineers – they wanted a software solution that could deliver hundreds to thousands of candidates to them, flipping the script on traditional recruiting practices.

With Appcast, they gained an optimisedend-to-end recruitment advertising tool that delivered inbound candidates exactly as promised. In just the first few months, Appcast brought in 1,016 of the company’s 1,410 applicants.

Generating 72% of total new applicants was a great start, but the real test was yet to come: Would this increase in candidates translate to an increase in hires?

Quantity and quality, all from one easy-to-use recruitment platform

In just a few short months, many of the candidates Molecula had received from Appcast were converting into hires. 80% of these hires were engineers, and 100% were performing above expectations. In addition to Appcast, the company used organic search and reach, as well as another major recruitment platform. The recruitment platform generated applicants, but the quality didn’t compare. Since June 2021, Appcast has helped Molecula’s fast-paced organization completely overhaul its recruitment strategy and put itself in a position to accelerate its 2022 hiring targets

According to James Durago, Molecula’s Director of People Operations, Appcast’s approach is working and the hires are astounding: “The applicants we are getting through Appcast are the people we are hiring.”

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