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How Appcast’s Managed Service Programmatic Recruitment Solution Helps Optimize Elderwood’s High-Volume Hiring Needs

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Results at a Glance:

Since working with Appcast, Elderwood – a leading senior care provider – has seen a 179% increase in qualified applicant volume across its 30+ facilities.

Elderwood, a leading senior care provider in the Northeast, offers independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and a wide range of other specialized services catered to seniors. The company manages facilities in several states across the United States and requires a constant stream of skilled nurses, care aides, and other frontline healthcare professionals to support their patients.

These positions have always been difficult-to-fill – the jobs are oftentimes demanding, and turnover is high in a competitive healthcare market. The nursing shortage that defined the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more challenging to hire qualified staff. Elderwood’s recruitment team was challenged on a daily basis with figuring out how to tap into different pipelines of candidates for all their open positions.

Appcast came in to support Elderwood’s hiring process during this time. Elderwood first learned of Appcast via their initial COVID-19 grant program (which has since ended) that was established to support healthcare systems and other organizations to find frontline workers. 

An Early Introduction to Programmatic Recruitment for Healthcare

The Appcast team primarily worked with Elderwood’s Jamie Shrock, Director, Talent Management and Erin Przybysz, Talent Acquisition Operations Manager when the two organizations initially partnered.

Shrock and Przybysz were happy with the delivery of qualified healthcare candidates via the grant, also praising Appcast’s responsiveness, communication, and strategic service. What they liked most, however, was the advantages of programmatic recruitment compared to other traditional or outdated methods they had been using to acquire candidates.

After Sampling Other Solutions, Elderwood Returned to Appcast

Following a successful pilot program with Appcast, the Elderwood team decided to test the waters with other programmatic recruiting tools.

Previously, they’d used a job distribution tool and saw little to no return on investment with their job ads. After taking a step back from Appcast, they evaluated major job sites, some of the biggest names in online recruitment. Elderwood primarily saw a drop-off in qualified applicants coming through their hiring pipeline.

From varying poor experiences with other traditional candidate providers, it was clear to Elderwood that the advantages of programmatic recruitment could only be unlocked with the right partner.

From ‘Post and Pray’ to Expert Precision

In June of 2021, Elderwood reached back out looking to pick up where things had left off. Out of the programmatic providers they had tried, Appcast was the only one that delivered significantly better results than the outdated ‘post and pray’ hiring methods they had utilized before the pandemic. Elderwood turned to Appcast Premium and they haven’t looked back since.

A 179% Increase in Engagement of Qualified Candidates

Since switching to Appcast Premium, the Elderwood TA team has optimized its job advertising process leading to:

  • More qualified applicants
  • Improved hiring ROI
  • Reduced turnover


And that’s just scratching the surface. 

Since Elderwood returned to Appcast, they saw a 179% increase in qualified candidate volume.

Both Shrock and Przybysz also praised Appcast’s quality reporting metrics, enhanced keyword abilities, responsive customer support, and transparent weekly meetings.

“The weekly meetings have been extremely valuable,” Shrock said. “Our hiring needs change regularly. The Appcast Premium team shows us the impact of changes made in our job advertising strategy and any need is addressed right away.”

The regular check-ins between Elderwood and the Appcast Premium team are consistently focused on ensuring the prioritization of spend is properly shifted to the open jobs that are in need of more candidates. The Elderwood team has found this support critical, especially as they’ve been navigating the impact that changes to governmental policies and vaccine requirements have on their ability to attract candidates who meet these requirements.

“My main goal right now is to get healthcare providers hired,” Przybysz stated. “And the Appcast Premium team helps me do that.”

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